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Sullair Corporation, US based multinational company , is the only worldwide compressor manufacturer to concentrate exclusively on rotary screw technology. An acknowledged leader in this field, Sullair sets the standards for stationary rotary screw compressors for industry, and provides quality leadership in compressed air contaminant removal equipment, vacuum systems, portable air compressors, drill compressors and air tools.

SULLAIR LEADERSHIP In Supplying Compressed Air Solutions
Sullair’s reputation as an innovator began in 1965, when it introduced a line of portable rotary screw air compressors to meet the construction market’s need for exceptionally dependable machines.
Sullair has been recognized around the world as an innovator and a leader in rotary screw compression technology. For more than 40 years, Sullair has designed and manufactured its own rotors and air end assemblies at the corporate headquarters in Michigan City, Indiana, USA. The award-winning rotary screw design sets the industry standards and delivers the quality and reliability one expects from a leader.
Utilizing the most modern technologies, equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques, Sullair designs, manufactures, assembles, and tests the most advanced compressed air products in the industry. Sullair products are known around the world for their reliability, robust design and superior quality.
Sullair uses a Statistical Process Control (SPC) system to monitor rotor quality standards to assure consistent compressor performance.
Underlying Sullair’s leadership is a dedication to excellence and a commitment to innovation. Sullair are constantly exploring new ideas and seeking new ways to meet industry’s need for increasingly energy-efficient compressed air solutions.
Sullair has positioned itself to serve the world marketplace. In addition to its manufacturing complex in the U.S., Sullair has manufacturing facilities in China and France. From these centers, Sullair coordinates a sales and service network that provides comprehensive product support to Customers around the world.
In India, Vesta Equipment Pvt Ltd has an exclusive OEM arrangement with Sullair for diesel engine driven compressors.
Built Into Every Sullair Compressor is Decades of Experience in Rotary Screw Technology