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GNB - Submersible Effluent Pumps

Kiwi Pumps is India’s largest manufacturer & exporter of submersible effluent pumps, but that is just a small part of the complete wide range of submersible pumps available to our professional dealer. Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot TUV SUD certified ISO 9001:2000 Company that’s what you need in your bore. Kiwi has a wide range of submersible effluent pumps that suit various kinds of project requirements.

Our customers know that a one-size fits all approach just is not going to satisfy today’s demanding consumer. By utilizing Kiwi Pumps industry leading, modern technology, state of art infrastructure, manufacturing techniques and two decades of complete pump experience.

Kiwi’s Submersible Effluent Pumps are the most economical energy-efficient pumps for handling water with suspended solids upto 50 mm sphere.

Kiwi Pumps has partnership with the industries leaders in submersible pumps for design to help create products for consumer, municipalities and original equipment manufacturers that meet or exceed large market requirements. All Kiwi Pumps products are backed by trained dealers & supported by factory trained sales engineers team and in house product engineers.
Salient Features Of Submersible Effluent Pumps

Corrosion resistant, Impact resistant, Lightweight, Continuous duty when fully submerged. Swing or vertical float option.
For handling water with suspended solids upto 50 mm sphere
Non Clog vortex impeller
Vertical discharge with female flange
Motor - 2800 rpm motor with 'F' class insulation, suitable for three phase power supply of 415 VAC, 50 Hz.
Motor is jacketed & filled with the coolant. Thus the pump is suitable for working in worst working conditions, having capacity for longer period of dry running
Dual ball bearings
  Dual mechanical seal - Motor side - Carbon Vs. Ceramic; Pump size - Silicon Carbide Vs. Silicon Carbide
Cable of suitable rating x 4 core double sheathed submersible cable of 10 meters length provided as standard length. Extra cable length can be provided with prior information
Application Of Submersible Dewatering Pumps

  Effluent Pumps is designed for applications like:
Graywater pumping
Septic Tanks Effluent
STEP Systems
Water Transfer
Basement Sumps
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Submersible Effluent Pumps

All Cast Iron with Stainless Steel Jacket
Stainless Steel Hardware for easy maintenance