Wire and Rod Information

A wide range of wire and rod shapes make it possible to achieve the optimum balance of strength, open area, abrasion resistance and dewatering/separation efficiency.

Johnson Screens® Round and Strip Support Rods

Johnson Screens round rods are available in diameters ranging from 0.125 In. (3.175 mm) to 0.500 in. (12.7 mm). Strip rods are available in widths from 0.070 in. (1.778 mm) to 0.188 in. (4.775 mm) and heights ranging from 0.375 in. (9.525 mm) to 2.0 in. (50.8 mm). Grille_photo
Open area calculations
To calculate the open area of a certain screen, use the simple formula provided
Open Area (%) =       Slot Size * 100
                               Slot size + Wire width
Johnson Screens Vee-Wire® Profiles

Johnson Screens Vee-WireProfile wires range in widths from 0.020 in. (0.508 mm) to 0.195 in. (4.953 mm) and heights ranging from 0.040 in. (1.016 mm) to 0.363 in. (9.220 mm). Other wire shapes (Tri-Wire, Iso-Wire, Iso-Grizzly Wire, Grizzly-Wire, and more) also available.

Common Johnson Screens Shaped Support Rods
Johnson Screens shaped support rods range in widths from 0.029 in. (0.737 mm) to 0.151 in. (3.835 mm) and heights ranging from 0.102 in. (2.591 mm) to 0.120 in. (3.048 mm).