Refining & Petrochemical


Over the years, Johnson Screens has developed a wide variety of screen products for media retention and liquid-solid separation that have been used in many types of vessels, systems and processes.

Johnson Screens products and services come with decades of experience, solid engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices. They’re also the result of close collaboration between our design engineers and our clients. We ask a lot of questions, and we have the background to understand the answers. We’re familiar with all the major processes such as;

Catalytic reforming, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, molecular sieve, MTBE, sulfur removal, catalyst regeneration, HDS, alkylation, isomerization, hydrogen

Ammonia conversion, paraxylene, propane, PTA, styrene monomer dehydrogenation, gas dehydration, methanol, LAB, cumene, PSA, mercury removal, benzene absorption
Natural Gas
Molecular sieves, activated and promoted alumina, activated carbon, silica gel, amine, glycol, sulfur plant, mercury removal, IGCC, coal gasification

All of these resources are available to you as we work together to design and manufacture the screens that solve your current problems, avoid future ones, and improve your overall process efficiency.

After delivery, we stay involved until your every expectation of performance is met. And when the internals near the end of their operational life, our field service staff are there for you to make repairs and upgrades so that you can keep operating at or above capacity.