Flat Panels


Fully welded Johnson Screens® Vee-Wire® flat screens are used for dewatering, sizing, media recovery, and classification. Rigid flat panels are resistance-welded at every wire and support rod juncture. Alternatively, crowned flat panels have the profile wire MIG welded to round, stainless steel support rods. These screens are typically used by the coal and iron ore mining industry in mineral processing vibrating screens. They are dependable, strong and effective.

The slot tolerance for the Vee-Wire screen is ± 25 µm depending on the size of the wire. Wire sizes vary in size from 50 µm / 0.05 mm to 0.5 in. / 12.7 mm. Wire size and slot size will be determined by the application of the screen. Our engineers will be able to assist you in your selections of both. Hard-chroming of the wear surface is also available as an option.