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Default Water Well Drilling Lagos Nigeria - Get It Right

Water well drilling is commonplace in Lagos Nigeria because public water supply is grossly inadequate. Building water well has become such a natural thing that hardly anyone bothers about public water.

What choices do you have when it comes to water well drilling?

Basically, there are two options. The first is the traditional water well for which Lagos Nigeria is known for. This type of water well dates far back down the history of the people of Lagos Nigeria.

The traditional water well is dug to a depth of twenty to thirty feet. This depth is usually sufficient to hit clean water since Lagos Nigeria is a city sitting on water.

Lagosians use this water for bathing, cooking, washing, and even for drinking purposes.

This water is really not safe for drinking because it is not treated. But most don't know the health implications. And many who know just don't bother.

The second water well drilling option you have is the borehole drilling option. Water boreholes Lagos Nigeria are usually within the 100 feet to 160 feet range depending on how close your neighborhood is to water.Borehole drilling Lagos Nigeria are of two types.

# The manual drilling method and
# The heavy duty borehole drilling system

The disadvantage of using the manual drilling system is that you stand to pay triple the amount of your original budget if the manual borehole drilling team hit underground stone that the drilling machine cannot crack. Here is a simple analysis to help you appreciate the implication of this.

Water well drilling using the manual borehole system cost about =N=160,000

Heavy duty borehole drilling cost about =N=350,000

If the manual drilling machine cannot break through the underground stone, and every other location tested within your property has the same problem, you have no choice but to go for the heavy duty drilling system.

In this case you will still have to pay the manual borehole drilling contractor because these contractors make it clear from the beginning that the equipment they use cannot deal with stones.

Therefore, your cost becomes =N=510,000 (=N=350,000 + =N=160,000) or a little lesser if the heavy duty contractor agrees to drop his price because of the circumstances.

My advice?

Get a borehole instead of just a simple water well. The water is cleaner and safer.

With regard to manual or heavy duty borehole drilling . . .

# Evaluate the area your property is located
# Investigate the situation with other boreholes in your area

If it's a stony area, settle for the heavy duty drilling equipment.

Water well drilling is a must in Lagos Nigeria. Just do it right.

P.S. Need to drill a borehole in Lagos Nigeria? Need a water treatment plant? Need clean water? Contact Us.
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