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Default Drill Bit Jamming

Drill Bit Jamming

The drill pipe and bit may become jammed when the drilling fluid is not allowed to thoroughly clean the borehole prior to stopping to add another joint of drilling pipe or the fluid is too thin to lift gravel from the bottom of the borehole. Therefore, if the drill bit starts to catch when drilling, stop further drilling and allow the drilling fluid to circulate and remove accumulated cuttings from the borehole. Then continue to drill at a slower rate. If it continues to catch, thicken the drilling fluid.
If the drill bit and pipe become jammed, stop drilling and circulate drilling fluid until it is freed. If circulation is blocked, try to winch the bit and pipe out of the borehole. Stop the engine and use a pipe wrench to reverse rotation (no more than 1 turn or the rod may unscrew!). Rapidly hit the drill pipe with a hammer to try and jolt the bit free. If these actions are not successful, use lengths of drill pipe without a bit attached or Wattera tubing to "jet out" the cuttings. Attach the pipe or tubing directly to the discharge hose from the mud pump. Thicken the drilling fluid to ensure that the cuttings holding the bit can be removed. Then place tension of the stuck pipe with the drill rig winch. Once fluid starts to circulate out of the borehole, slowly push the jetting pipe/tubing down the borehole beside the jammed drill pipe until the bit is reached. When fluid starts to circulate out of the stuck pipe and/or it loosens, pull the stuck drill pipe and resume circulation of the thickened drilling fluid back down the drill pipe and bit. Remove the jetting pipe. If water freely circulates out the borehole, slowly lower the drill pipe and bit and resume drilling.
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drill bit jamming

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