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Electromechanical Actuators - Linkan

Distributor for Linkan Asia Company – Taiwan
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We are the privileged distributers of L&K Linear Actuator systems across the entire Indian subcontinent thereby providing a complete electrical drive solution for segments like:
arrow Hospital Furniture arrow ENT Chairs
arrow O.T. Tables arrow Infant Warmers
arrow Dental arrow Pendants
arrow Ophthalmic Recliners & Table arrow X-Ray Units
arrow Blood Donor Couches arrow Office Furniture
arrow Physiotherapy Equipment arrow Homecare Electrical Beds
arrow Saloon Couches arrow Industrial Purpose
Electrical Beds:

The L&K Actuator systems are used in beds and comprise of linear actuators of varied stroke lengths based on the requirement, paired with suitable controller and remote. With the help of these, the users can attain the most comfortable position desired by them and adjust the positions with a remote selecting Backrest Knee Rest, Hi-Low or Trendelburg position. Special features like Nurse Panel, Electric CPR, Mechanical CPR, Battery Backup, Actuators with Manual Override Function, Emergency Lowering, Spline Function provide a variety of choices to choose from.

Some of the Different types are:
arrow Semi Fowler arrow ICCU Beds LA38
arrow Fowler arrow Home care
arrow Two function arrow Home Furniture
arrow Electrical come manual    
L&K Actuator systems are also used for the production of different variants of the Best O.T. Tables. Ranging from single to five function tables with features like Low Battery Audio Alarm, Low battery Auto Cut-off, Twin Handset, Power Indicator, Lifting Columns for Central Pillar System, Top Slide and Floor Locking Feature on Five Function systems.
Chair Units:

L&K Actuator systems also provide a variety of choices from single function units with a feature to adjust backrest to multiple functions units with features for adjustment of multiple positions as per the user’s needs. Some of the basic uses are:

arrow Dental chairs arrow Blood Donor Couch
arrow Opthalmic Chairs arrow Massage Couch
arrow ENT Couch arrow Saloon Couch
The actuator systems give the users a variety of choices for multiple uses, from single function to multiple functions as per the needs of the user. Maintaining a critical ratio of power and speed, the actuator systems give you the best and most ergonomic solutions for your business and daily life.