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Unique custom built rigs just for you

The Eziprobe rigs were developed in Australia by John Lakeland
to give Australian geotechnical and enviromental engineers the opportunity to use the direct push soil sampling method which has become the industry standard in the USA where it was developed.

We have designed the Eziprobe range to mount on either a minidigger type machine, 4WD utility or small truck. We’ve incorporated simple design into the hydraulics, allowing repairs or replacement parts to be sourced in most parts of Australia without difficulty. Eziprobe also offer a complete customisation service so our rigs are the perfect match for your needs.
The ute mounted Eziprobe is a very versatile machine that can allow an operator to drive onto a difficult site, drill through overburden, soil sample up to 20m, lay out samples for classification or storage, pack up and leave the site without creating a mess. All this from a single person operation with the self contained Eziprobe system.
The Dingo or minidigger mounted system is ideal for accessing those hard to get to sites in back yards or under low roof heights. With all the features of the ute mounted system, it’s the most economical and versitile option for the owner who wants to utilise their minidigger in other applications, but not compromise their soil sampling quality. It can be disconnected in a matter of minutes and different attachments connected, adding to the versatility.

Eziprobe have designed and manufactured three other versatile machines for either ute, trailer or minidigger mounting. These machines are the Ezi Drill Soil & Rock Sampling, Ezi Drill – Post Hole Drill, and the Ezi Rock Drill with down hole hammer.

The Ezi Drill – Soil Sampling rig is basically a machine used by engineers to classify soils for building design. This machine is fitted with two auxillary hydraulic rams which, after screwing the auger into the soil, assist in pulling out the auger flights full of the soil cuttings. The mast is non-telescopic and lighter than the Eziprobe, making it ideal for minidigger mounting.
The Ezi Drill – Post Hole Drill is a simple mast drilling machine with a non-telescopic mast, chain driven with a stroke of 1.8m – 2.4m. It’s ideal for fencing contractors, earth rod installation and general small scale drilling operation. It can be ute, trailer or minidigger mounted.
The Ezi Rock Drill has been developed specifically for the electrical contractor who wishes to drill small diameter holes trough soil and rock for the purpose of installing earth stakes. The system utilises a down hole hammer of 2-3 inch diameter and an auxillary compressor. The unit is capable of drilling through rock to a depth of 20m.
For more information or a quote contact us today 03 9720 4401 or email info@eziprobe.com.