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Sandvik introduces new Drill Shack for safety, health and environment

The new Sandvik Drill Shack for exploration drill rigs is now available. For customers who don’t want to compromise on operators’ comfort and environmental safety and health, Sandvik’s new shack is designed to meet the requirements of Sandvik’s DE130 and DE140 diamond core drills.

This innovative and well thought-out solution makes it possible to operate in arctic or sub- tropical climates and is easily transportable by helicopter, packed in compact units or in its entirety by tracked vehicles or mounted on a hook lift frame.

For mobile or stationary units
The modular design of the new Sandvik Drill Shack makes it suitable for both mobile and stationary units with quick assembly/pull down. The drill shack can be packed in compact units and is well suited for helicopter transportation to remote areas. It can also be transported in its entirety by tracked vehicles or mounted on a hook lift frame.

Designed to meet the requirements for safety, health and environment
Safety is important for us at Sandvik and is one of the reasons why we have chosen to design Sandvik Drill Shack. With this drill shack, we offer our customers a work environment that is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

All of the modules needed for operating the drill shack are built on an identical platform significantly reducing the number of components. Modules are fastened to the floor by T-rail nuts, allowing easy installation, removal or replacement if needed.

Wall elements are designed as sandwich panel reducing noise and heat, while laminated glass windows enhance operator safety. All corners and edges are reinforced with rails to enhance the strength of the panels as well as creating a safe and strong attachment point for the elements to the frame and the roof.

The roof has the same structural design as the wall elements, giving superior strength, heat insulation and sound-proofing. To minimize draft through the openings in the roof, they are equipped with brush strips. A mirror-inverted design allows element change out without stripping down the entire shack. Non-slip service areas ensure a safe place for servicing the rig.

The frame is supported by legs assembled from the outside and easily removed. For operator safety, all hydraulics are located in the frame, keeping the floor free from hoses and oil leaks. The non-slip aluminium floor is equipped with approved, cold-withstanding attachment rails. With built-in ducts for heating fluid, the floor can be kept heated. The heating system can be started by a phone call or a preset timer. The operator workstation has a dry and ice-free surface.

Tailor-made solutions
To make the operator’s environment even safer and more comfortable, Sandvik has included operator compartments with sound proof material and windows of shatterproof plastic. The door to the compartment is designed as a sliding door to maximize working space. The compartment shares the same heating system as the rest of the working station, providing the operator a pleasant working environment.

Sandvik also offers an air conditioner for applications in sub-tropical areas. Storage cabinets for coring bits and tools and a drill pipe stand that can handle drill pipes up to 6 meters are also available as options.

For further information, please contact:
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