Innovative application of Johnson V-wire Strainer
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Innovative application of Johnson V-wire Strainer

In the area where screen installation is not possible during the drilling or after drilling, the telescopic screen or Packer Screen is used. In this method during drilling the casing is lowered with drill bit (with drill pipes) because of high collapsing nature of aquifer. After reaching the required depth the casing pipe is left in borehole and drill bit is pulled out through the inside of the casing. Now through the inside of casing, screen is lowered upto bottom of casing and then casing is pulled out by a required length to expose the screen to aquifer. By this method screen is not connected with casing either welding or threading, hence there is always a problem of sand pumping.

To stop the sand pumping the Johnson Screen with Rubber Packer is lowered in casing ID, the Rubber Packer is made accordingly to ID of casing to provide tight seal to stop sand pumping.

Packer is made from rubber and which as a sand sealing in tube well.

Johnson Screen with Packer is supplied generally for medium size tube well in length of 3 meters.

One end of screen is closed and other end is fitted with Rubber Packer to suit ID of casing in which it is going to be lowered.


In following systems / area we can use our Packer Screens:

Rocky Area

Cavity Baring

ODIX - Method Drilling

Generally the tube well made in abobe mentioned area, method no screen is used. Only casing is lowered at the time of drilling or after drilling.

After reaching certain depth the casing is left out in the borehole.

After this either drilling or by compressed air a cavity is formed at the bottom of the casing. Through this cavity water comes is the casing and then pumped out.

The tube well constructed such method becomes useless after 2 to 3 years due to filling up of cavity by sand.


Now to avoid above problem Johnson Screen with packer can be lowered in such tube well inside the casing pipe in the cavity, which will give following benefits:

Reduced Sand pumping.

Avoid of filling up of cavity due to collapse of cavity.

More discharge.

Increased tube well life.

Most advantage of this screen is that screen can be pulled out from the casing and can be reused in other tube well by using proper method of pulling.