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Champion's New VSD Saves Energy

25/02/09 - Champion Compressors has extended its variable speed drive (VSD) compressor family, the V-Series, with the addition of two new models: the CSE37V and the CSE45V. Champion’s V-Series is the only VSD range of compressors made in Australia to suit Australian conditions. It delivers high levels of environmental performance, and provides industry with increased access to some of the most energy-efficient compressed-air solutions on the market today.
According to Champion Compressors national sales and marketing manager, Dino Alessio, the V-series is ideally suited to fluctuating-load industrial applications, and can significantly improve energy efficiency. “VSD compressors such as the V-Series can provide extremely energy-efficient compressed air if they are properly matched to the application,” he explained. “VSD compressors, by design, have an optimum tip speed ‘envelope’ within which they operate most efficiently. This optimum tip speed envelope corresponds to approximately 30-70 per cent load, so VSD compressors should really only be used for applications predominantly employed in this load range.
“However, there are times when the VSD compressor is required to operate outside this optimum load range,” continued Alessio. “Here, the extended Champion V-series is capable of running from as little as 14 per cent load right up to 100 per cent load for extended periods, without risk of overheating or damage to the motor.”

The newly extended V-Series complements Champion’s existing range of compressed-air solutions. The CSE37V has a 37kW output, with working pressures from 7.5 to 13bar delivered at rates up to 103L/s. The larger CSE45V variant has a 45kW output, with working pressures from 7.5 to 13bar delivered at rates up to 123L/s. “These latest additions to the V-Series range provide industry with increased flexibility when choosing an environmentally-efficient compressed air solution,” said Alessio. “Champion is the expert in matching the compressed air application with the most suitable compressor package to achieve optimal energy efficiency.”

In line with the rest of Champion’s compressor line-up, the V-Series is designed for the reliability and performance required for continuous operation in the hot, humid and dusty conditions prevalent throughout Australia. Furthermore, V-Series users will benefit from Champion’s ongoing service and support through the company’s Australia and New Zealand-wide network of sales and technical support centres. “VSD compressors have come a long way since their arrival on the market in the 1990s,” said Alessio. “Champion has invested enormous resources developing its VSD technology. The resulting tough design and premium performance - operational, economical and environmental - allied with Champion’s comprehensive after-sales support, make the V-Series VSD compressor range industry’s preferred environmentally-friendly compressor choice.”