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Soilmec adds LHR conversion kits

Soilmec adds LHR conversion kit

Soilmec has released a dedicated low-headroom conversion kit for its SR-65, SR-70 and SR-80 rigs for deep, large-diameter piles.

The Soilmec SR-80 LHR kit has been designed for the SR-80 base carrier and includes a dedicated short mast, modified boom articulation and new rotary group.

By applying the kit, the main rig characteristics will allow a maximum pile diameter of 2,500mm, a maximum pile depth of 60.9m, a maximum nominal torque of 250kNm and a pull up/down force of 230kN.

The kit aims to meet growing demand for rigs with a capacity to work in restricted space conditions, such as under power or telephone lines, or inside pre-existing structures, such as bridges.

The first SR-80 LHR was sold to Aldridge Electric, a US American infrastructure contractor.

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