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Quantima range goes from strength to strength


Compressed air manufacturer, CompAir has extended its range of innovative Quantima compressors with the launch of a new, lower-pressure model suitable for blower-type applications. Capable of operating at 3 to 5 bar, the Q-70L expands on the existing 5 to 8 bar models in the Quantima range. It is suitable for applications where a high volume of low-pressure air is required, such as in the glass industry where the fluidisation of powder materials assists with conveying and material handling.
The new unit features the same breakthrough Q-drive, oil-free centrifugal technology as the existing models in the range. This technology is helping customers to improve energy efficiency and lower cost of ownership across a wide range of industrial applications.


The Q-drive assembly has only one moving part, which spins in a magnetic field and has no contact and no mechanical wear. In addition, Quantima’s induction motor design and high frequency inverter mean that no gearbox is required and that the compressor can operate without any oil lubrication. Qdrive’s
simple construction means that there is no performance degradation over the life of the compressor.

This results in a package that consumes less power and which is approximately half the weight and physical size of many equivalent compressors, meaning that it can be sited easily into existing plant rooms.
Due to the high energy efficiency of the range, customers replacing an existing compressor with a new Quantima unit can make energy savings of up to 25%, to reduce overall running costs. In addition, a user’s environmental credentials are improved significantly.

Commenting on the launch of the Q-70L, Richard Hilton, Quantima and oilfree product manager for CompAir said:

“With the addition of the Q-70L, we can now offer our breakthrough Quantima technology for a wide variety of industrial processes, from low-pressure blowing applications through to a 24/7 supply of factory air.
“Building on the existing 5 to 8 bar models in the range, the Q-70L allows customers to standardise on one type of technology for most applications.”

Maintenance and control
Quantima was purpose-designed to be easy to operate, helping to improve production uptime and efficiencies. The intelligent Q-master controller features a touch screen panel with intuitive navigation and menu structure for the user and also monitors all compressor parameters automatically.
In addition, Quantima incorporates remote monitoring technology as standard. This enables CompAir to offer every customer its Q-life predictive maintenance system, which ensures high performance and reliability, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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