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NGWA offers course, ‘Applications of Groundwater Geochemistry’

NGWA offers course, ‘Applications of Groundwater Geochemistry’


The National Ground Water Association is offering the course, “Applications of Groundwater Geochemistry,” October 17-18 in Nashville, Tennessee.
A basic understanding of geochemical concepts is a good start, but knowing how contaminants will behave in a variety of geochemical settings is vital in conducting site assessments or designing an effective remediation project.
This course will examine conditions resulting from groundwater and aquifer/soil interactions, and the effects of introducing a variety of contaminants. Case studies will be used to explain data collection requirements, laboratory analytical methods, and interpretation of data. Class exercises will be used to reinforce concepts presented in the lectures.
Attendees will learn about:

1. Groundwater characterization
2. Mobility of organic and inorganic contaminants
3. Redox chemistry of organic compounds
4. Principles of remediation
5. Intrinsic remediation of inorganics
6. Geochemistry of organic remediation
7. How different geochemical conditions will affect contamination and influence remediation decisions.
This intermediate-level course is best suited to:
8. Geologists
9. Engineers
10. Project managers
11. Environmental professionals involved in risk assessment and remediation
12. Regulators
13. Attorneys


Attendees should possess a basic understanding of groundwater geochemistry. Two semesters of undergraduate chemistry and a degree in Earth sciences or engineering are recommended, and attendees may also want to review a college-level chemistry text prior to the course.

The course instructors are Bill Deutsch, senior geochemist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory operated by Battelle, and Patrick Longmire, Ph.D., hydrogeochemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
To learn more about this short course, as well as the many other NGWA educational programs, visit the events/education section of our Web site or call 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791).

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