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NGWA offers course, ‘Applications of Groundwater Geochemistry’

NGWA offers course, ‘Applications of Groundwater Geochemistry’


The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) reports that the Michigan Ground Water Association (MGWA) Board of Directors have contracted with NGWA as the management firm for MGWA. NGWA Chief Financial Officer Paul Humes, CPA, will serve as the MGWA executive director effective August 1, 2011.

Humes has been in association management for more than 20 years and with NGWA for 16 of those years.
NGWA Executive Director Kevin McCray, CAE, says, “We consider it a unique privilege to serve as the administrative manager for the Michigan Ground Water Association, one of our nation’s largest state organizations for our industry. NGWA is committed to doing its utmost to meet the requested services outlined by the MGWA Board.

“With Michigan, NGWA expands services it provides to state associations, adding it to our management services portfolio of the Pacific Northwest Ground Water Expo, as well as the Water Management Association of Ohio.”

MGWA serves groundwater industry members though four divisional sections — contractors, technical, suppliers, and manufacturers:

1. Contractors represent companies that drill and repair water wells for homes, farms, businesses, factories, and cities throughout Michigan. These companies install and repair pumps that retrieve water from these wells and/or install and service water conditioning equipment. These companies are required to be registered with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) as registered well drilling and/or pump installation contractors.
2. Technical division members are persons or companies representing geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, regulators, and consultants, all of whom work on scientific matters relating to groundwater. This includes field drilling and other work involving hydrogeologic studies, as well as the movement of groundwater.
3. Members of the suppliers and manufacturers divisions represent companies that distribute pumps, drilling machines, tools, pipes, tanks, controls, and many other products to drilling contractors. These companies do not sell to the general public. Manufacturers are the actual makers of the materials that suppliers distribute.


MGWA provides educational opportunities for members, and networking opportunities through an annual meeting and exposition bringing together all membership divisions. It also conducts state legislative affairs and engages with state regulators on issues that impact the industry and the membership, and works to inform the public about their groundwater resources and water well systems.

For more information about MGWA, visit their Web site at; Humes may be reached at;; or toll-free at 855 225.6492.

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