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Liebherr picked for Swiss piling

Liebherr picked for Swiss piling

Hilti & Jehle Grundbau has chosen Liebherr piling and drilling rigs to build secant drilled piled walls for an administrative building in Rorschach, Switzerland.
A Liebherr LRB 255 carrier machine and a DBA 300 double rotary drive, featuring maximum torque of 300kNm, were chosen.
The secant drilled pile walls were required to act as a foundation pit support to guarantee the sealing function, and function as an outer basement wall.
According to the foundation soil report, the piles had to be embedded at least 2m below the bottom of the foundation pit and at least 2m into the unweathered molasse rock to provide a sufficient end fixing. These specifications, and the existing inclination of the rock layer, resulted in the drilled piles being embedded 2-5m into the rock.
A drilling template was used to guide the casing. For the drilled pile walls, a total of 714 piles with lengths of 9.5m and 13m were produced. The total length of all double rotary piles was 8,000m, 2,600m of which had to be drilled into rock. All piles were 820mm in diameter.

The construction of the 4,700m² of drilled pile wall was completed in 41 working days. The two Liebherr units were used together on 28 days, with only one unit used on the remainder. Daily production for a single unit peaked at 170m for double rotary piles.

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