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Grundodrill 7XP bores under South African highway

Grundodrill 7XP bores under South African highway

Rolkon Trenchless Technologies has used the latest horizontal directional drilling techniques to install PE pipes for electric cables beneath the N3 toll route highway in Germiston, South Africa.

The Grundodrill 7Xplus from TT-UK, combined with the MA010 mixing system, were selected for the project.
The major road crossing required a bore length of 64m through challenging ground conditions involving a mixture of rock and sandy clays. The challenging conditions meant that the pilot bore took 2.5 hours to complete and the back-reaming operation 4.5 hours.  

A pilot bore was completed, followed by pre-reaming using a 155 back reamer.

Drill rods were added to the special adapter on the back reamer. These were pulled into the pilot bore to ensure the borehole was not lost during pre-reaming.

Once the pre-reaming was completed, the back reamer was replaced by a Grundo-Rock-Ream, with exchangeable cutting blades. 350mm blades were selected and the Grundo-Rock-Ream was pulled into the bore to expand the bore diameter.

Three 110mm SDR 17 PE pipes were installed successfully. 

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