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Bauer sells TBA 300 deep driller

Bauer sells TBA 300 deep driller

Bauer Group has sold its first TBA 300 deep-drilling rig.

Bauer Group has sold its first TBA 300 deep-drilling rig. The machine, developed and built by Bauer Maschinen, has been bought by a Venezuelan oil drilling company.

The Bauer TBA 300 is an electro-hydraulic drilling rig with a 300t hook-load capacity. It is designed for oil, gas and water exploration, as well as for deep geothermal energy extraction.

The rig is of a modular design with hydraulic components, and features a kinematic control system that permits rapid erection and dismantling. The system also enables fast transfer of the large rig from one drilling point to the next.

“In developing the deep-drilling rigs, we have applied our know-how in the manufacture of drilling rigs for specialist foundation engineering to the deep-drilling sector,” explained Professor Thomas Bauer, chairman of Bauer’s management board.

“The shortage of natural resources is one of the most urgent problems the world will face in the near future. Our deep-drilling rigs will help meet that challenge and at the same time they represent a new field of business for us.”

Since its completion, the prototype of the TBA 300 has been subjected to extensive testing and has been modified specific to customer needs.

The rig, which is due for delivery to the customer in September, will be used for oil exploration in the Orinoco region of Venezuela.

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