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Arcspraying of continuously extruded, multi-void aluminium tubing

Arcspraying of continuously extruded, multi-void aluminium tubing
corrosion of heat exchangers for automotive air conditioning units can be a major problem. The
unit is often located near the front grille of the vehicle and hence is exposed to a severely corrosive
environment, with road salts, rain and high temperatures all contributing to high corrosion rates.
In order to reduce the rate of corrosion, historically several methods have been tried; zinc diffusion
by flux brazing, sacrificial anodes of zinc, tin, or indium; chromating and painting. Due to inherent
production difficulties, poor corrosion resistance, pollution, restriction in plating and high costs,
none of these treatments provide an optimum solution.
Arcsprayed zinc offers equal or higher
corrosion resistance, lower producion cost
and reduced pollution than other competing

Advantags of zinc sprayed tubing

Advantags of zinc sprayed tubing

1. Highly corrosive flux is not required
2. Zincate treatment and waste treatment not required
3. Zinc is deposited at a pre-selected rate which can be increased or decreased as required
4. A zinc diffusion pattern equally uniform to zincate process is produced
5. Productivity improves
6. Post braze cleaning processes can be eliminated.
Arcspray method
The zinc coating is carried out 'in line' with the extrusion press. The plant can be installed on to
either new or existing lines. The number of individual arcspray guns required is dependent on the
number of extrusions being produced by the press, two guns being used for each tube (one per side).
The guns are located on adjustable mounts, angled to allow even coverage of both flat parallel
section and side section of the extrusion.

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