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Revolutionary Safety Tool Released Globally

GroundProbe, a world leader in unique slope monitoring systems has released a new, easy-to-use, rugged and affordable tool to help keep mining crews safe. The Work Area Monitor (WAM™) alerts mining work crews when wall movement is detected on a slope above a work area in an open cut mine.

The WAM uses a camera and radar to allow the work crew to quickly select the area to look over every minute. If movement has been detected, the WAM alerts the crews via wireless personal alerts displaying text messages, audio, visual and vibrating alerts, as well as sounding local sirens and lights. Alerting thresholds can be adjusted to suit a range of applications.

The WAM is integrated into a mine-worthy light vehicle for mobility and quick deployment in less than a minute. It is simple to set up, and requires no technical skills to use.

“This is a big advance for open-cut mining. We’re talking about an industry-changing product that could be the greatest safety improvement for work crews we’ve seen in a generation,” said Lachlan Campbell, WAM product manager at GroundProbe.

“The WAM can detect when an area much smaller than a bench has moved. This means mining crews can now detect if large rocks or loose material has moved, as opposed to entire bench-size movements,” said Campbell.

The WAM can be used by mines for drill and blast crews, horizontal drilling, pre-split drilling, truck and shovel operators, face scaling and cleaning, and for other work taking place under slopes.

WAM is being well received by the mining community, with several metalliferous and coal mines already taking up the new tool. Renowned Australian geotechnical consultant, John Simmons, from Sherwood Geotechnical and Research Services believes it is a pivotal moment for the industry, greatly improving day-to-day productivity and safety in open cut mines and quarries.

“Every mine in the world should think really seriously about having one of these,” he said.
GroundProbe has expanded its global footprint rapidly and is now firmly established in Australasia, Africa, North and South America, India and China. This new launch has seen the company also broaden its radar monitoring systems.

The WAM is now available for purchase or lease globally.
Courtesy mining-technology

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