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Gates Corporation Launches Barricade Fuel Injection Hose

Gates Corporation Launches Barricade Fuel Injection Hose

Gates Corporation Launches Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose.
The Low-Permeation Fuel Hose Prevents Vapor Loss, Withstands Aggressive Fuel Blends & Delivers Fuel Efficiency

Denver, CO – The Automotive Aftermarket unit of Gates Corporation today launched Barricade® Fuel Injection hose, a premium line of low-permeation hoses that withstand a wide range of fuel blends, improve vehicle safety, help protect the environment and improve fuel efficiency.

Barricade technology was originally developed for engines with a conventional carburetor but is now available for fuel injection applications, which includes 97 percent of vehicles on the road in the U.S.
In addition to the release of the new fuel injection hoses, the Barricade line for carbureted automobiles and small-engine/off-highway applications has added two new diameters to provide 96 percent coverage of current standard fuel hose sales.
All Barricade products are approved for use with gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, methanol, ethanol and gasohol fuels, as well as fuel blends. Over 40 different blends with complex chemical compositions are currently available in the U.S. Many degrade conventional fuelhose lines from the inside. Barricade Fuel Injection hose is designed to withstand the most aggressive mixes, including higher ethanol blends recently approved by the EPA (such as E15). Adding to its safety features, with its Aramid fiber reinforcement, the hose has earned a maximum working pressure rating of 225 psi.

Barricade’s built-in, five-layer GreenShield™ barrier technology helps the fuel hose achieve five times less fuel vapor permeation and fuel waste than any other hose in the industry and meet the requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the EPA.

"The Barricade product line provides our customers with the confidence that they are supplying the most sophisticated hose technology,” said Mark Kostecki, Product Marketing Manager for Automotive Hose at Gates Corporation.
Gates Barricade hose is available from local parts stores. Visit or email for more information.

About Gates Corporation
Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Gates Corporation( is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial and automotive products, systems and components with operations in 29 countries. Gates maintains sales and marketing operations in every major industrial and automotive market, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Gates is part of the Industrial & Automotive group of Tomkins Ltd., which is owned by a consortium comprising Onex and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board. Tomkins enjoys strong market positions and technical leadership across all of its business activities and owns some of the best-known brands in their respective markets.

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