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CompAir shows customers how to compress their carbon footprint at Hannover Fair 2011

CompAir shows customers how to compress their carbon footprint at Hannover Fair 2011

Compressor manufacturer focuses on energy-efficient compressor technologies

Compressed air generation accounts for approximately 10% of all the electricity used in industry.  With energy costs only set to increase further plus a growing requirement for sustainable manufacturing, companies are increasingly looking for new technologies to help lower their energy costs – and their carbon footprint.


With this in mind, compressor manufacturer CompAir is bringing together all of its energy-efficiency expertise into one place at this year’s Hannover Fair (4th to 8th April 2011) on stand number D53, (hall 26) – showcasing its latest range of energy-efficient compressor technologies and offering manufacturers practical advice on the most cost-effective way to improve energy performance.

Among the products on display is the company’s extended range of regulated speed compressors, which now includes seven new models and the proven Quantima compressor offering up to 25% energy savings.  Demonstrations are also available on the company’s range of sequencers and controllers as well as its heat recovery solution range, which can reclaim and reuse up to 94% of the energy used by the compressor.
Marketing director, Frederique Gerard:

“Today, green issues are at the top of everyone’s agenda and industry is no exception.  Environmental pressures, both commercial and legislative, coupled with rising energy prices are now driving manufacturers to find better ways to improve energy efficiency.”

“As a result, our customers aren’t only asking us to provide new and innovative compressor technologies to help them cut power consumption.  They are also using our expertise to help them understand their carbon obligations better.”

“Our stand is set to be an ideal place for operators to learn more about how they can cut their carbon footprint.  Whether its using simple initiatives such as carrying out air audits, or improving maintenance regimes; or whether its focusing on more long-term solutions, such as heat recovery or better air treatment – our technical experts will be on hand throughout the show to advise businesses on how to improve environmental performance and increase production efficiencies.”

Products on display

Extended range of regulated-speed models
CompAir has just launched an extended portfolio of L series rotary screw compressors, shown for the first time in Europe at the Hannover Fair, with the new L15RS model on display.
The new range now includes seven, new regulated-speed models, to provide a complete range of energy efficient machines from 7.5kW to 250kW.
Using the same product platform as its fixed speed units, CompAir can now offer customers total choice over the size and speed of their compressor, using its advanced oil-injected technology already proven in thousands of applications worldwide.

A fixed-speed, L50 unit with heat recovery and dryer options will also be on display.

Heat recovery

Around 94% of the energy used by an air compressor is converted to heat.  CompAir offers a range of options to customers looking to recover this heat and reuse for a range of applications including heating, production processes and washing facilities.
These include a selection of factory-fitted and retrofit heat exchangers, complete with all the necessary pipework and fittings.

Sequencers and controllers

Once installed correctly, an advanced controller can reduce energy consumption by up to 35%, and will enable plant managers to calculate how efficiently compressed air is being produced as well as reducing running hours and costs.
CompAir offers a wide choice of systems to help improve compressor control, including the new SmartAir Master, which can control up to 12 compressors of any make or model and its range of integral Delcos control systems.  These include the Delcos Pro integrated controller and the new touch screen Delcos XL and are available across its range of rotary screw machines.


Visitors to the show will also be able to learn more about the innovative Q-drive technology behind CompAir’s Quantima range, which offers up to 25% energy savings when compared to traditional compressor technology and is 100% oil free.


The DH range of oil-free compressors will also be exhibited.  Designed to use absolutely no oil, the DH range uses high quality water injection to lubricate, seal and cool the compression process.  This assures premium air quality whilst eliminating any concerns over product contamination.

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