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6th international stone industry exhibition stone mart -2011

Period, Venue and Organisers
The days of 20th January to 23rd January of 2011 have been very joyful and pleasant for the people related to the segment  of  Mining , Agriculture and Industries. Organized by Center for Development of Stones (CDOS), co-organized by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (FCCI) and sponsored by Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation LTD. (RICCO) the  Exhibition was held at Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur for the period  from 20th to 23rd  January.  Thousands of people from different sectors  rushed to the exhibition to make themselves aware of the engineering developed , products manufactured and latest technology devised for upliftment of Indian economy.

Innaugration with thanks to Drilling Today
The exhibition Stone Mart-2011 held at Sitapura, Jaipur was inaugurated by chief minister of Rajasthan Shree Ashok Gehlot.  In his words “ it is an honour to inaugurate “Stone Mart 2011”  for the fourth time”
“Drilling Today” to it’s immense pleasure had an affluent opportunity to participate in exhibition. To it’s utmost credit, Drilling Today expresses itself to be the most fortunate to have been admired and blessed for it’s yeomen service rendered to the mining and drilling sector by the chief minister of Rajasthan, Shree Ashok Gehlot at the inaugural function of the Stone Mart. Mr Manish Kumar editor Drilling
Today expresses his deep gratitude and honour to Shree Ashok Gehlot. The chief minister expressed his best wishes to Drilling Today.

Over 14 years, the exhibition has grown up with earning  a name in the world.
While inaugurating the exhibition for the fourth time the Chief Minister announced to set up Research Chair at Jaipur and Jodhpur Engineering College with the help of CDOS and RICCO by 2012 .
Inaugurating the fair Mr. Gehlot said “we are a leading state in terms of mineral resources” and he further added that industry has to face a lot of challenges due to environmental issue, forest area , illegal mining , but government  has to work to protect industries in the interest of state and employment. In his words  “stone industry is  a priority industry for the state government but I can assure that we will leave no stone unturned in removing the hurdles” amidst big applause of  the crowd, the chief minister announced .
The chief minister stressed on the need of scientific ways in mining in order to boost the exports and to face with courage the international stiff competition.
He further added that in coming years the demand of stone would increase more and thereby the industries would be set up with more investment.

Welfare of the Artisans
While addressing the people, Mr. Gehlot stressed on the need of care for the artisans and other workers engaged in this industry. Mr. Gehlot further explained and drew the attention of the Association in Stone Industry to promote the workers in earning their livelihood.

Government  Mechanism
In his inaugural speech Mr. Gehlot  gladly announced the proposed Single Window System being evolved in the government  mechanism for the entrepreneurs so as to save them from moving to and fro. Mr. Gehlot further stressed on the need of gearing up for the freight corridor 40% of which will pass through Rajasthan. Then Mr. Gehlot also threw light on peaceful atmosphere in the labour market of Rajasthan where the labour unrest and industrial dispute have been almost eliminated. He further added that the Indian stone producers have to match up to the international competition for promoting the export to foreign countries.
Like Mr. Gehlot, Mr PK Soni, the General Manager ( Corporate Social  Responsibility ) Gujrat Minerals Development Corporation also emphasized on the need of Stone Mart Exhibition periodically to promote the exports.

Foreign Participants
Befitting to note here the remarks Mr. Arslon Erdinc, Chairman Turkish Mining and Natural Stone of exporters’ Association, who added further that they would import the natural stone from India free of tax rather than importing from China where heavy tax is imposed. He further stressed on the need of setting up industry in India to provide employment to the Indian workers and boost Indian economy in the field of automotive, chemical and electronic industries.

Participation of Architects
Eminent Architects from various parts of India contributed to the enhancement of exhibition by registering their presence. No doubt, all those architects present in the exhibition added feather one after another to the success of the seminar.
Noteworthy  here is to mention the words of Prof. Shree Alok Ranjan, the Chairman Indian Institute of Architects “in  India wives are deciding force when choosing stones for houses Therefore it is very important for them to come here and get aware about the variety of stone available in the market today.”
In the words of Architect Shree Harimohan Pillai of Kerala “Stone suppliers in the southern India keep limited stuff and that too is not first stone.  At Stone Mart we get to see a vast range of variety.”
To quote the words of Mr. Ravi Gupta, Architect “ It is self learning process for us. The exhibition tells us that marble is not the end of the stone world and even marble can be processed in ten different ways. This gives us an opportunity to innovate at site since you get a better understating of what is available.”
Mr. PK Soni, GM (GMDC)  says  “The Gujrat government is focusing on expanding the stone industry.”
A delegate from Turkey Mr. Arslon Erdinc Turkey remarked “we are even working on putting our industry in India to provide employment to Indian workers.” 

Area of Participants
The Exhibition Stone Mart 2011 as compared to the earlier exhibitions has been  found bigger and better than all the previous exhibitions held so far. Moreover, the participants and area increased considerably. The exhibition further witnessed a hike in the number of foreign participants. The number of total participants in the exhibitions rose to 378 and area of display too reached to the extent of about 1400 sq. mtr. Foreign participants from China, Egypt and Turkey participated in the exhibition by  setting up their country pavilion.
Moreover, few new states such as Gujrat, Karnatak and Orissa  took part in the exhibitions by putting up their respective pavilions.

The fair had two large super hanger structure halls of international quality facilitating the layout of bigger size of stalls with multi side opening. The Stone Fair 2011 has been the stone fair in India so far contributing to India to emerge as the most favoured  source of stones and other related products. Having been the perfect platform for exhibiting the stones and latest technology it will contribute a lot to the development of Indian economy. The website has further facilitated to the growth of promotional efforts . In addition to that it will add dimension to improve the sector through the advertisement in the national and international  Magazine / Journal of stone industry. It has further been an evidence to the development and promotion of stone industries as found from the huge crowd with 378 exhibitors from India and abroad participating in the fair. About 12 other countries added  feathers to the promotion and development of stone industry by participating in the fair. These countries are Itly, Span, UAE, Vietnaman, Korea, Lebnana, Norway, Purtugal, Germany, Russia , Taiwan.  Moreover, visitors from foreign countries participated in the exhibition by registering their presence. The selected top Architects from all over the country and other prominent players in the sector had been invited to the event.

Handicraft Work
The  exhibition  to its repute had a “shilpgram” for stone artisans who displayed their creative products made out of stones. An area measuring about 400 sq. mtr  was developed  for the artisans form rural area to display their  creative art made of stone.
In the exhibitions , thousands of foreign  buyers have also registered their presence.
The foreign buyers were found to be very glad and joyful and were enquiring about the  products displayed by the exhibitors. The overwhelming response of foreign buyers and local buyers added feather one after another to the glory of success. Ms. Krishana kumar Mittal , the President of Gwalior Chamber Stone Industrial Associations expressed his pleasure and delight  saying that in the coming years the business of the stone  sector would no doubt be better than what it is at present.

  1. Handicrafts from the state of  Rajasthan:The countrywide famous beautiful Sikandara handicrafts were exhibited in the fair. Sikandara handicrafts like idols made of natural sand stones, ornaments and buildings accessories built by highly skilled people were found displayed in the fair . Further  Companies specialized in beautiful and unique art work of carving stones and making out of it different type of ornaments for adorning the hotels, houses and gardens had displayed their products.
  1.  Handicrafts from the state of  Gujrat:Similarly, the sculpture of Gujrat in this field is also as advanced as is in Rajasthan. Sculpture made out of dhrugandhra sand stone displayed in Gujrat state pavilion in hall a attracts your notice. According to Ghanshyam Bhai  C Sompura an exhibitor. Dhrugandhra stone is very close to Gujrat’s culture. Since ancient time it has been used and that these are available in different color.
  1.  Handicrafts from the state of  Orissa:In addition to the sculpture of Gujrat displayed in the exhibitions, the sculpture of Orissa had a far reaching influence on the people gathered in the exhibitions. The “speaking stones  of Orissa” the befitting title given to the sculpture of Orissa  in the field of carved statue, drew the attentions of thousands of visitors who were
    spell bounded and could not but admire  the artisan. The sculpture, caves, beautifully intricated carved statue, the amazing and beautiful crafts done in the
    Konark Temple, Mukteshwar, stup of Ratanagiri and Udayigiri bears the testimony to the artistic value of Orrisa artistic.
  1.   Handicrafts from the state of  M.P:Likewise, state of M.P in no way lagged behind. In the realm of   stone resource it is enriched and that it offers about 20 variety of sand stone, ten variety of other   Stones.

In the words of Krishna Kumar Mittal  the President of Gawaior Chamber Stone Industrial Associations “during the last international stone industry exhibition we were amidst the world wide recession but still a lot of national and international avenues opened up. This time we are expecting for better business.

Sand Stone in M.P. is carried from the area of Indore, Damoh ,Bilaspur , Rewa, Sagar ,Satna , Raigarh and Shahdol districts for the purpose of building construction. These sand stones are available in different impressive colours and patterns, like red, buff, beige pink and flaggy.

Mining Machinery
Display of Technologically Advanced  Machine for stone industries in the exhibitions
Machine is as important to the stone industries as is the soul to the body.
For the purpose of extracting, carrying, cutting, drilling, shaping and polishing the role of machine is very vital but for which no industry can sustain. Keeping in mind the variety of process of work, different kinds of machineries for different tasks have been developed and manufactured.
Few useful machines to the Mining Industry have been displayed below
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Presentation  of Awards:-
The honour  of  awards to the distinguished architects from the different parts of India in different categories was presented amidst clapping

S. No





Arch. Deepak Shrivastav( Bhopal)


Knaha Earth Lodge- Balaghat


Arch. Neelish Chopra (Pune)


Maheshwari House – Jodhpur


Arch. Vijay and Megal Arya (Ahmadabad)


Mewar Complex (Rajsamand)






Guests from Abroad
Who added feather to the crown of success

A good number of guests from foreign countries have contributed a lot to the magnificent success of the exhibitions. Their presence and participation in the event filled the hearts of the people with abundant pleasure and encouragement.

Among the foreign participants in the exhibitions, China having 40 stalls deserved the fast position for it’s different quality of stone tools. In order to grab the Indian market the foreign exhibitors displayed their different products in the exhibitions.
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