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Thermal Spray Coatings for Wear Resistance on industrial components

Within most industry segments, significant financial losses may be incurred due to accelerated wear of various components. In order to minimize the effects of mechanical wear and extend product life, Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt Ltd (MEC) has implemented thermal spray coating solutions into production and is further developing them to meet even more demanding wear applications.

Thermal Spray Coatings against Wear

Applying coatings using thermal spray is an established industrial method for resurfacing metal parts. The process is characterized by simultaneously melting and transporting sprayed materials, usually metal, carbides or ceramics, onto parts. The spray material is propelled as fine molten droplets, which, upon striking the part, solidify and adhere by primarily mechanical and, in some cases, metallurgical interaction.

Thermal-Spray-Coatings-for-Wea- Resistance-on-industrial-components

Fig1. Thermal spray coating on shifter fork of automobile gear box.


Fig2. MEC HVOF spray gun to apply High temperature and erosion wear resistance alloy coating on boiler tubes

Each layer bonds tena ciously to the previous layer. The process continues until the desired coating thickness is achieved. Thermal spraying can be used to apply coatings to machine or structural parts to satisfy a number of requirements: 

• Repair worn areas on parts damaged in service  
• Restore dimension to mismachined parts  
• Increase a part’s service life by optimizing the physical surface properties

The primary advantages of thermal spraying include the range of chemically different materials that can be sprayed, a high coating deposition rate, which allows thick coatings to be applied economically, and spray equipment portability. With pioneer knowledge of Indian industrial needs, MEC is continuously performing Research and Manufacturing of Thermal spray equipments since 1967. Difference categories of coating systems are available for the protection of industrial components from severe corrosion and wear environments.

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