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“The Government of India Proved again Duke is the Best”

After receiving National quality award in 2006 for the PVC Pipe products, and best entrepreneur ship award in 2009, and “Empower Award”  in 2010, the Duke Submersible pumps products again awarded with the  most precious award “National Quality Award”  by the hands of  Honorable President of Inida Mrs. Pratbha Patil to Duke’s Managing Director Mr. Prabhu Das Patel on 2nd September 2011.

In 2006 duke received the National Quality Awrd for the PVC Products, by  the hands of Mr. Manmohan singh , Prime Minister of India. And In 2009 the Duke company is awarded by the “Entrepreneur ship award” by the central government and also by the state government of Gujarat, for the best financial performance. Duke’s all products are famous in entire world, for the energy efficiency, and this has been also  proved by “Empower Award-2010” , for the most energy efficient pumps, awarded by former Power Minister Mr. Bharat sing solanki.

Duke’s Manager Mr. Gaurav Gupta told that duke is the only company,  provides complete pumping solutions world wide a single brand. Duke’s all products are certified with National and International standards like Duke Pumps more than 700 models are certified with IS 8034 and IS 9283, and Duke’s casing pipes and Pressure pipes are certified with IS 12818 asd 4985 respectively. Where as Duke’s column pipes and plumbing pipes are certified with American standard ASTM 1785D, also duke’s all products are certified with European standard “CE”. These all certifications reflects the duke’s product quality world wide.

Duke is the first company awarded by 5 star rating in pump segment and at present more than 200 models are certified for 5 star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Duke energy efficient pumps and pipes are being subsidized by various state governments in Inida, like in Rajasthan Duke’s star rated pumps are subsidized with Rs. 750/H.p  by the electricity board of Rajasthan. it means if a farmer purchase a duke pump of 20 H.P.  a subsidy of Rs. 15000 will be provided to him by electricity board, more over this 10 paisa per unit additional incentive will also be provided by electricity board to that customer for life time. Due to this wide range of energy efficient products duke brand is registered in various state and central government department like GWSSB Gujarat, UP-Jal Nigam, Karnatka water supply board, PHED Rajasthan, North western railway, UIT and many more. Duke is the first company is doing energy efficiency based pilot projects for replacing the old inefficient  submersible pump sets with energy efficient pump sets for the PHED Rajasthan. Under this project Duke is replacing the old inefficient pumps and pipes with the duke’s energy efficient pumps and column pipes, and an average saving of 30-40% is being generated. PHED Department has been made a profit of approx Rs. 2000000 by the only 30 EE Pumps of duke only in 6 months.

Duke having its manufacturing unit and corporate office at Deesa Highway, Palanpur North Gujart, India, while it’s Branchoffice is in jaipur,Rajasthan. Duke having more than 2000 dealers and distributors network in through out india, which provides duke product and after sales and services to the customers.
Duke is also engaged in export of Submersible pumps and PVC Column and casing pipes, to various countries.


National Quality Award 2010


Empower Award 2010


Entrepreneur ship award 2009

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