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Sandvik upgrades its range of mobile crushers

Radical and innovative design changes to its new models: QJ241, QJ341, QJ331 & QH331
Sandvik QH-QJ331

The combustion engine exhaust gas legislation for Europe and the U.S., which came into force in January 2011, has resulted in the introduction of new tier IIIB/4i engines. Due to the dimensions of the emission-compliant engines and after treatment units, Sandvik has been committed to making the necessary design changes to encase the Caterpillar engines in its range of mobile crushers, whilst continuing to provide their customers with market leading products.

The QJ340, QJ240, QJ330 and QH330 mobile crushers have been upgraded to QJ341, QJ241, QJ331 and QH331 respectively and will be built with a new engine compartment to house either Stage 3A/Tier 3 or Stage 3B/Tier 4i engines depending on the destination legislation. The introduction of this power pack coincides with a number of radical and innovative design changes to enhance performance and serviceability.

Among the operational upgrades, the new models will feature:

• New Danfoss hydraulic and electrical control system for greater efficiency
• Full PLC control system and colour screen allowing visual data output and control
• Hydraulically driven cooling fan with auto reverse to back flush dust from radiator
• Proportional control for machine tracking
• Hydraulic raise and lower to the main conveyor on the jaw crushers to give increased clearance
   for rebar discharge in recycling applications
• New Direct drive on the QH331 for enhanced operational capabilities
Sandvik customers will also be benefitted with even easier maintenance features:
• Steel pipe work, for a maintenance free sealing solution and better heat dissipation
• Improved service points: now both sides of the engine enclosure are accessible
• All engine service points are easily accessible with low level drain points
• All hydraulic valves will now be situated at ground level for ease of access
• Diesel tanks and smaller hydraulic tanks are easily accessible from the front platform on the
   machine with inspection covers

With these new enhanced features combined with the high quality of the products, Sandvik mobile crushers are destined to further cement their leadership in the global market place.

For further information, please contact:
Melissa Baker
Marketing Communications, Mobile Crushers and Screens
Tel: +44 (0)1283 212121

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