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Sandvik delivering 14 LH517 LHDs to massive Cadia East project

Sandvik Mining and Construction has been awarded a contract for the supply of 14 LH517 LHDs (load-haul-dumps) for the initial production phase of Newcrest Mining’s Cadia East mine near Orange in the NSW Central West.


The Cadia East project involves the development of the massive Cadia East deposit – one of the world’s largest gold deposits – into Australia’s first panel cave. The mine will be the deepest panel cave in the world and Australia’s largest underground mine.

The Sandvik LH517s will be deployed in Cadia East’s initial production phase (Lift 1), and are being delivered between now and October 2012.
They will be equipped for fully autonomous operation in conjunction with Sandvik’s underground mining AutoMine system, which is currently used at Newcrest’s Ridgeway Deeps Project (also near Orange in the NSW Central West).

According to Tim Redmond, Sandvik Mining and Construction’s underground mining sales manager, Sandvik has a strong relationship with Newcrest, and is a long-standing LHD supplier.

“Newcrest's huge Cadia Valley Operation is now among the largest users of Sandvik LHDs globally,” he said.

Service and support for the new loaders is being carried out both by Sandvik’s Orange service centre, plus an onsite product support team in the Cadia Valley.

About Cadia East
The Cadia East orebody is one of the world's largest gold deposits, comprising a mineral resource of 2,347 Mt (million tonnes) containing 33.2 Moz of gold and 6.59 Mt of copper, along with a current ore reserve of 18.7 Moz of gold and 3.16 Mt of copper. It will underpin production from the Cadia Valley for at least the next 30 years.

The project is based on the construction of an underground mine adjacent to the Cadia Hill open pit mine, and an expansion of the existing Cadia Valley processing plant capacity from 24 Mtpa to 26 Mpta. The estimated capital cost of the project is A$1.91 billion.

The project will enable production from Newcrest’s Cadia Valley Operations to increase to a range of 700-800 koz of gold and 75 kt to in excess of 100 kt of copper per year over the first 10 years.

Construction has commenced, with first production expected in the second half of 2012. Commissioning and appreciable production levels will be occurring during the 2013 calendar year.

The massive underground resource is suited to the low cost, bulk underground mining method of panel caving. Panel caving is a natural caving method which uses ground stresses, rock structures and gravity to break the rock.

Orebodies best suited to panel caving are those where the horizontal dimensions are greater than those that are suited to block caving. Ore extraction advances across the orebody as panels are progressively developed.

Broken ore will be removed by using the Sandvik LHDs and ore conveyors. Significant underground infrastructure including underground crushers, declines, production/undercut levels and ventilation shafts, handling and conveyor system will be constructed.

The Cadia East panel cave will be conducted initially in two lifts. Mining will extend from 500 m to approximately 1450 m below the surface.
The Cadia East project has been at the forefront of mine development with new technologies being used to maximise underground development rates.
The project is planning to use further innovative mining technologies and enhancements in the establishment and operation of the mine, including the use of automated remote loaders through Sandvik’s AutoMine system.

About Sandvik LH517 LHDs
Released in late 2009, the Sandvik LH517 is a high capacity new generation underground LHD offering improved safety and higher productivity than previous models, through redesigned hydraulic and electronic systems.

Powered by a Volvo TAD 1361VE engine rated at 285 kW, it has a tramming capacity of 17.2 tonnes, and can handle bucket sizes from 6.5-8.6 cu m.
Features include a strengthened operator’s cabin with efficient air conditioning, fully adjustable seat and controls, and a single all-in-one digital display which interfaces with the on-board vehicle control and management (VCM) system.

Servicing and maintenance is made easier and safer through ground level daily service points, three-point mounting and fall-protection systems. A built in fire suppression system significantly enhances mine and operator safety.

For further information, please contact:
Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia Pty Ltd,
Phone: (07) 3637 7400

Tim Redmond
Underground Mining Sales Manager
Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia
Phone: +61 7 3858 3285

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