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New High Flow hydraulics for Cat® 242B3 Skid Steer Loader, 257B3 Multi Terrain Loader and 259B3 Compact Track Loader allow operation of power hungry work tool


Caterpillar recently updated its range of Skid Steer Loaders and Multi Terrain Loaders from B2 to B3 series with many significant product enhancements. At the same time Caterpillar also introduced a new Compact Track Loader (CTL), the 259B3. Premium features such as an independent, fully suspended steel undercarriage, aggressive steel embedded rubber tracks, powerful hydraulics and refined operator's station make the 259B3 a durable, versatile machine that works productively in poor soils and harsh environments.
From August 2011, the versatility of the 242B3, 257B3 and 259B3 will further increase with the introduction of optional High Flow hydraulics which provides approximately 40% more Hydraulic HP over the 22 gal/min (83 l/min) standard flow system. The High Flow auxiliary system supplies industry leading oil flow up to 31 gpm (117 L/min) at pressures to 3,335 psi (23 000 kPa) – generating a calculated hydraulic-horsepower rating of 60.3 (45 kW). This feature further expands the performance of these ‘Power Dense’ small platform machines by allowing operation of power hungry work tools such as High Flow cold planers, snow blowers, augers and brush cutters. 
High-performance hydraulics as standard
Hydraulic pumps are driven directly from the engine, eliminating intermediate drive belts to assure maximum efficiency, performance and reliability. The robust auxiliary system supplies oil flow up to 22 gpm (83 L/min) at pressures to 3,335 psi (23 000 kPa)—generating a calculated hydraulic-horsepower rating of 42.8 (31.9 kW).
All Cat loaders are equipped with Cat® ToughGuard XT™ hydraulic hoses, for additional abrasion resistance, and auxiliary lines (with heavy-duty, flat-face quick couplers) are attached to the lift arm. A universal work-tool coupler is standard equipment, and an optional hydraulically actuated coupler is available.
A high-efficiency hydraulic-oil cooler, working with a hydraulically driven cooling fan, keeps the machines working efficiently in high ambient temperatures, even with continuous work-tool operation. The optional variable-speed, on-demand hydraulic fan spins the fan only as fast as required by the machine, which improves fuel-efficiency, reduces sound levels and provides faster machine warm-up.


Machine Specifications






Net Power Rating: hp (kW)

56 (42)

71 (53)

71 (53)

71 (53)

Operating Weight: lb (kg)

5,822 (2 641)

7,008 (3 179)

8,060 (3 656)

8,934 (4 052)*

Rated Operating Capacity: lb (kg)**

1,500 (680)

2,150 (975)

2,675 (1 213)

2,950 (1 338)

Speed: mph (km/h)

7.9 (12.7)

7.7 (12.4)

6.9 (11.1)

5.9/8.5 (9.5/13.6)

Standard Auxiliary Hyd. Flow: gpm (L/min)

16 (61)

22 (83)

22 (83)

22 (83)

High Flow Auxiliary Hyd. Flow: gpm (L/min)

26 (104)

31 (117)

31 (117)

31 (117)

Main Relief Pressure: psi (kPa)

3,335 (23 000)

3,335 (23 000)

3,335 (23 000)

3,335 (23 000)


*             With 12.6 in (320 mm) tracks
**           Rated at 50% tipping load
***        226B3 HF Specs have not changed

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