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Liebherr mobile construction crane concept really impresses Richard Kölch & Sohn Gmb


Left to right: Andreas Kölch (Richard Kölch & Sohn GmbH), Michael Findeiß (Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH), Kurt Kölch, Sabine Wittebols, Alexander Kölch, Sebastian Daiber, Uwe Rippl, Sigmund Hofbauer, Klaus Sperlein (Richard Kölch & Sohn GmbH)

Richard Kölch & Sohn GmbH recently took charge of a completely uprated MK 80 mobile construction crane from the Liebherr plant in Biberach. The company from Fürth, Germany, had carefully analyzed a number of different construction sites, and were convinced that the Liebherr mobile construction crane concept was the ideal answer to supplement their existing crane fleet - and achieve the best possible results. Before the crane was officially handed over to Kurt and Alexander Kölch, the operating and service personnel went to Biberach for intensive training and instruction.

Mobile construction cranes have superb flexibility when restricted spaces and high buildings are involved, as well as a large working range, a major advantage over conventional mobile cranes with luffing fly jibs, particularly when it comes to inner-city situations. Add to that the fact that MK cranes can be very quickly assembled and feature high operating speeds in everyday operation. And the possibility of the diesel-electric crane drive, which works extremely quietly, is another great advantage.

MK cranes from Liebherr are genuine fast-erecting cranes, ready to go to work in only 20 minutes with one-man assembly. As taxi cranes they travel fully equipped, an added bonus to the economy of operation.
Richard Kölch & Sohn GmbH has a workforce of 22 people, and currently runs a fleet of eleven cranes. As well as crane hire, the firm also specialises in industrial removals and the transport of machines and heavy and special haulage.

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