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Gates- Mining Segment focus


India has vast reserves of many different minerals. It has significant reserves of coal, iron oxide, bauxite & other minerals. Given inherent advantages of low cost, strategic location & an untapped mineral base, the Indian mining industry has potential for high growth & for attracting greater capital, especially at the exploratory stages, where investments are low. Among the minerals India is most abundant in coal with the bulk of deposits located & mining activities been carried out in the Eastern India. Coal accounts for about 70% of total electricity generation in the country. Other demands on the coal supply come from the steel and the cement industry. To supply the augmented growth of coal demand, coal production units are in mode of reviving, revamping their capacities & assets. Thus, making mining segment a potential opportunity with continual expansion & the coal demand seen with increase in mining equipment investment in coming times.

To address the mining segment Ashwin Bengali-RM-East conducted seminar at various coal mining sites endorsing Mr. Rajesh Bhandari –VP-S&M-viewpoint on focusing end markets & drive an awareness at the end user level on Gates system promotion concept [Gates hose &  Gates coupling , crimped as per Gates specs.]. This Gates system promotion concept will ultimately result in reduction in equipments downtime, lesser maintenance costs enhancing machine, equipment performance thus yielding better productivity levels. These events were organized with our local channel partner M/s, Crimpflo, in the region.

Initially a seminar was conducted in EMTA [Eastern Mining Trading Agency], Tara coal mining site near Asansol --EMTA is a well recognized group company having its presence in mining, power & paper segment. EMTA group is in the business of captive coal mining for the power sector who also have joint ventures with the various state governments [like Bengal, Punjab, Karnataka] of integrated coal mining projects for their captive power sector. They are well recognized mining player & operating in coal mining segment.
The site mining fleet majorly consists of Excavators, Back hoe loaders, Dumpers, Dozers, Haulpaks. The audience comprised of 40 participants from diverse end user profiles such as Maintenance Officers, Mech. Supervisor, Foreman’s, BEML reps., L&T reps. & covering all the equipment mechanic team at the site. 

Along with the seminar, a presentation was made on the Hose assembly product range & its effect on the hydraulic system of their equipments. With this view they were made aware regarding the increase in the performance of equipment by use of Hose assembly with Gates hose & Gates coupling in comparison to Mix-n-Match hose assembly which was mainly attributed to the coupling, crimping quality & hose .Demonstrations were made promoting the use of complete solutions system offered by gates to reduce the machine maintenance costs followed by interactive sessions

Hose Assembly & application issues on field
Machine Maintenance aspects with respect to Gates Hose assembly & providing value addition for their machines with usage of Gates Complementary product range.
The participants acknowledged the Gates system promotion concept ascertained to seek for Gates hose assembly [Gates hose & Gates couplings] for their machines.

The Seminar in EMTA was followed by the seminar at Eastern Coal Fields [ECL]-Sonpur Bazari mining site- Eastern Coal Fields Ltd. [ECL] is the subsidiary of Coal India Ltd.[CIL] which  is the public sector company & largest mining player in India. The sites consisted of open cast mines with HEMM & mining fleets for conducting mining operations.  The site mining fleet majorly consists of Dozers, Dumpers, Excavators, Back hoe loader, Grader, Haulpak. The seminar had participation from 25 Officials from Eastern Coal Fields. Demonstrations about superiority of Gates product  with[system promotion] Gates hose & Gates coupling, crimped as per Gates specs was made with a perspective to create awareness among the audience who were receptive to the importance of Compatibility of Hose assembly and its effect on Field performance .
Gates coupling features such as  right hose assembly for right application concept were explained with major emphasis on usage of “STAMPED” method [Size, Temperature, ,Application ,Material to be conveyed, Pressure, Ends or couplings, Delivery of material in velocity or volumes] for right selection of the hose assembly as the audience sought clarification on proper hose selection. The audience response after presentation was keen & positive. Post presentation there were lot of a query session was held in which the inquiries from the audience on maintenance issues,  Gates hose assembly , the value addition factors , the difference between the existing hose assembly  they are using on their equipments & Gates hose assembly were catered.

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