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Caterpillar Introduces Mid-Sized Tier 4 Final Engines for Petroleum Industry

Emissions reductions achieved four years ahead of mandates while maintaining reliability and durability


Houston, Texas – Caterpillar Inc. announces the availability of Cat® C27 ACERT™ and C32 ACERT petroleum engines that meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards four years ahead of regulatory mandate. Ideal for OEMs who manufacture mid-sized equipment for pressure pumping, cementing and well fracturing operations, these engines achieve groundbreaking emissions reductions while maintaining the reliability and durability demanded in the petroleum market.

The C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT petroleum engines feature technological improvements in key systems to achieve Tier 4 Final status, including a new high-pressure fuel system with refined injection control, next-generation turbochargers, refined air system management for NOx reduction, an enhanced suite of maintenance-free aftertreatment technologies, and advanced electronics and control software.  These engines also have been designed and validated to further improve fuel efficiency and durability.

OEMs that incorporate C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT Tier 4 Final engines into their oil and gas applications will significantly reduce their engineering spend by minimizing the number of equipment redesigns required in transitioning from Tier 2 to Tier 4 Final. These engines also lower the overall environmental impact of OEM applications, reducing particulate matter emissions by at least 60 percent over a Tier 4 Interim model. Finally, the C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT Tier 4 Final engines provide strategic benefits by generating transitional equipment credits that support orderly new product introduction and business planning by equipment OEMs.

“From the beginning of our campaign to develop a complete line of Tier 4 products, we have worked closely with oil and gas customers to determine their key requirements,” said Diana Hopkins, well service product manager. “C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT Tier 4 Final petroleum engines are the latest in a long line of tailored solutions specifically engineered to reduce emissions, maintain or improve durability, minimize OEM equipment redesign costs, and lower owning and operating costs.”

With 800 bhp and 1125 bhp offerings (597 and 839 bkW), the redesigned C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT petroleum engines now feature an advanced, high-pressure fuel system that delivers a more complete burn with less soot and NOx formation while maintaining or reducing BSFC.

The next-generation turbocharger configuration creates required pressure in the exhaust system to drive the NOx Reduction System (NRS). In addition, the next generation turbocharger results in improved response time versus Tier 2 configurations. With minimal moving parts and simple installation requirements, the turbocharger improves durability and lowers OEM packaging costs over competitive designs.

To further reduce emissions, a modular, service-free, diesel oxidation catalyst reduces regulated constituents through an oxidation process.  The aftertreatment features a simplified, maintenance-free design, which does not require monitoring by the engine control module.

The C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT Tier 4 Final petroleum engines allow for a variety of aftertreatment installation configurations, creating maximum flexibility when designing and installing the engine/aftertreatment on a trailer.

Caterpillar Tier 4 engines feature the advanced ADEM A4 engine management system with additional input/output capability.  This additional capability allows for a single control system for the entire engine, resulting in less complicated packaging, easier operation and a more reliable solution.

The C27 ACERT Tier 4 Final petroleum engine has been further redesigned with a narrower footprint.  Featuring rear-mounted turbos and an option for rear- or front-facing exhaust, the C27 ACERT petroleum engine allows a side-by-side configuration on a trailer, delivering more horsepower per skid and reducing the number of trucks needed on any particular site.

All Cat Tier 4 engines are designed with the quality, reliability and durability that customers expect from Caterpillar. These products are being validated specifically to petroleum applications in both the lab and the field to ensure reliability and durability are not compromised.

Caterpillar is well prepared to aid dealers and customers with the tools needed to succeed at Tier 4 and beyond.  Through focused training, dedicated application resources, world class product support and a highly skilled dealer network, Caterpillar is committed to easing the transition for customers while achieving regulatory milestones and reaching sustainable development goals.

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