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Casagrande C6 XP boasts ‘extra performance’


Casagrande has launched an ‘Extra Performance’ version of its best-selling C6 crawler drilling rig.
The C6 XP is compact, sturdy and versatile and suitable for working on micro-piles, anchorages and jet grouting, Casagrande said.

Available in manual hydraulic and radio-controlled versions, the C6 XP is equipped with a full load-sensing hydraulic system that allows a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 25%.

Casagrande claimed the mast is fitted with improved jointing that allows work to be done at zero distance from a perpendicular wall for front of the wall drilling. The mast can swing at +/- 35°, allowing it to work in extremely constricted spaces up to a 30° maximum negative angle.

The company also said the drilling head can be set in a horizontal position, while improved mast guides reduce friction. Visibility has been increased. An inclined-upwards drainage position can be reached, with a negative angle up to +4° compared with the horizontal.

Features, according to Casagrande, include an improved hydraulic control console, featuring a 7in display control panel with PLC logic management functions; a new articulation system that increases the rig’s speed and allows the most extreme and demanding positions to be reached; and sliding lattice extensions that can reach a depth of 18m in jet grouting mode.

An H800 double rotary head can be fitted, as well as the HB 50A rotopercussion Drifter.

The drilling rotary heads (models T14EP and T20EP) allow for electro-proportional control of the capacity, with the possibility of varying revs and torque with continuity or to set the gearings according to the terrain’s characteristics. They offer speeds of up to 500revs/min and improved torque up to 15 kNm.

The rig has a Deutz TCD 2012 engine with a power rating of 95kW at 2300rpms. A sound-proofed bonnet cuts noise emission to 3dBA, Casagrande said.


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