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Bauer digs foundations for tidal power plant off Orkney

Bauer Renewables has installed a drilled-in, monopile foundation for a tidal-energy turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), offshore from Orkney in Scotland.

The 23m-long monopile had a diameter of 2m and was grouted into an 11m-deep rock socket. It will form the foundation for a 1MW tidal turbine, built and operated by Voith Hydro.

Working in water depths of 37m and extremely strong currents of up to 4.5m/s, the project was an exceptional challenge. A newly designed seabed drilling rig from Bauer Maschinen was operated from a Dynamic Positioning Vessel.

 “A drilled foundation of such dimensions and under such difficult conditions has never before been executed. This new technology has captured the attention of many tidal energy developers,” said Professor Thomas Bauer, chairman of the Management Board of Bauer AG. “This tremendous achievement marks the Bauer Group’s entry into the future growth market of marine renewable energies and broadens the group’s range of offshore technologies.”

Bauer Renewables is a subsidiary of Bauer Spezialtiefbau, and part of international construction and machinery manufacturing group Bauer AG.


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