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BX drilling extends range

Idaho-based BX Drilling Supply has begun manufacturing core boxes and casing that can be custom-designed for the needs of each drilling or mining project, the firm said.

BX Drilling Supply’s core boxes are made using wax-impregnated cardboard that offers greater durability and withstands extreme conditions.

Daniel Brockett, president of BX Drilling Supply, said: “Historically, the challenge has been that core boxes would fall apart when they got wet.

“The technology used in the core boxes manufactured by BX Drilling Supply allows for secure housing and transporting of core samples from the drilling site to their destination.”

The casing can be cut and threaded to order and shipped anywhere in the world.

Formed in July, BX Drilling Supply provides equipment and supplies for a wide array of drilling projects, including environmental, water well, mineral exploration, construction and horizontal directional drilling throughout North and South America. The company’s product list includes core boxes, drill rods, casings, hammers, hammer bits, tricones and diamond core bits.

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