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Atlas Copco presents a new cab for the Pit Viper 270 series

Garland, TX – Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions presents a new cab for the Pit Viper 270 series, configured as a Pit Viper 271 or Pit Viper 275, to go along with the latest Rig Control System (RCS) automation technology that comes as an optional feature on the blasthole drill rig.

Increasing productivity through a safe, ergonomical design


Enhanced working environment for the driller

The cab is larger than the previous model and offers a number of ergonomic and safety features to increase productivity.  Greater visibility is offered with larger windows, an excavator style chair that sits on an elevated platform and a more robust set of windshield wipers.

Ease of maintenance is a key component of the cab with integrated lights in the cab’s profile that prevent the need of climbing onto the cab to service. The air conditioning unit is located under the cab and the A/C compressor, evaporator and condenser are all hydraulically driven.  The A/C has been designed to maximize airflow on the driller to provide a comfortable working environment in the summer and winter months.  

The cab is better insulated to ensure that the cab stays much cooler than the previous model and fitted floor mats, integrated into the cabin, assist with keeping the cab clean by keeping out unwanted dust particles.  With the improved pressurization, door sealing and insulation of the new cab for the PV-270 series, the outside sound of drilling is greatly attenuated by decreasing the decibel level to less than 70 dBa inside the cab. There are also a number of integrated radio slots installed in the cab to house the needed components required for a mine site, such as work orders and drill plans.

There are also three buddy seats that flip-up to provide extra storage and they can be replaced with other options, such as a refrigerator, locker and/or microwave.  You can also upgrade one of the buddy seats to a trainee seat that comes with a backrest and seatbelt assembly.  This way driller’s in training will learn how to operate the RCS technology in a safe, ergonomic working environment.  

If you want to know how to bring this latest design to your mine and learn more about what our RCS software has to offer contact us at or
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Dustin Penn, Product Line Manager, Blasthole Drills, Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions
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