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Vanoil Energy in search of oil in Kenya


Vanoil Energy Ltd is carrying out seismic survey to map potential sites for crude oil well drilling in block 3A in north eastern Kenya.

The Canadian firm said it has a budget of Sh3.68 billion ($4,6 million) for for the exercise expected to be completed by early next month.

Chief executive Dal Brynelsen said the survey will cover over 400 kilometres in the 12,400 square kilometres of block 3A .

He said that the first seismic shot on 57 kilometres is currently being evaluated.

“We are set to confirm five leads to drill in the Cretaceous-age Anza Graben, which is host to reservoir, seals and potential source rocks that suggest presence of a petroleum system,” he said.

Vanol contracted Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting of China in June 2010 to undertake the seismic study.
Mr Brynelsen said exploration in the area dates back to 1970’s when Chevron drilled one well.

He said that Vanoil has mapped a total of 11 leads based on 1,500 kilometres of Chevron 2D seismic data.

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