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Secoroc PARD system a huge boost to rotary drilling

Atlas Copco Secoroc presents the latest innovation in Rotary drilling – the Secoroc PARD system – designed to boost rotary drilling performance by combining the best of DTH and Rotary drilling technology.

PARD system
The new Secoroc PARD system combines a unique, high frequency, low impact DTH hammer and a specially designed tricone drill bit that’s mounted onto a standard Rotary drill rig and drill string. The result is a combination of percussive power and rotational force that provides significant increases in the rate of penetration. In fact, case studies show ROP increases up to 50%.

The most cost efficient holes on the market

The Secoroc PARD hammer is designed to operate on pressures from 50 to110 psi, which is low compared to standard DTH hammers. Optimal air flow is achieved with the unique Secoroc PARD parallel air flow system, which distributes the air proportionately between the hammer and the tricone drill bit.
The Secoroc PARD tricone bits can withstand the additional stresses and strains and still retain the same service lives of standard tricone bits.
All this adds up to more holes drilled per shift and lower total drilling costs (TDC).

Available in two models

The Secoroc PARD system is ideal for large mines and quarries where blast holes from 9 7/8″ to 12 ¼″ (250mm-311mm) are standard. There are two models currently available -Secoroc PARD 10 and Secoroc PARD 12- and a comprehensive selection of Secoroc PARD tricone bits.

For further information please contact:

  • Joe Treviño,Jr, Product Line Manager, Rotary Products, Atlas Copco Secoroc, Phone: +1 800-527-1632, e-mail:
Torbjörn Viberg, Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Secoroc Phone: +46 223 463 84, e-mail:

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