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How to Use Diamond Drilling Equipment in an Effective Way

By Tomy Cruise

Diamond core drilling can be an easier operation. It is possible only when you start work with equipment that is suited for that special application. Different models of such equipments are available in the market. They are easy to operate & facilitate us to complete the job easily, efficiently, quickly & perfectly. Light weight, portable diamond core drilling machines & rigs are very much suitable for drilling holes in floors, walls, ceilings & in all concrete blocks as well. Electric, Hydraulic & Pneumatic machines, rotary core & wire line are used for this purpose. Various models in electrical diamond machine are:

• Hand held electric
• Hand held electric mini
• Rig-mounted electric
• Hand held & rig-mounted electric

Han held electric mini machines are ideal for drilling holes within seconds on tiles, concrete & natural stone. Their performance is grade one when drilling is made on granite, counter tops, gravestones and also for plumbing and stonework applications. They can be used for functions like eradicating cracks & avoiding shock.

Han held electric machines are used fir to drill holes in concrete & natural stones. They are faster than rotary hammers. They are ideal for attach & installations. For drilling operation to be smooth without any shock, dust & vibrations, these equipments are employed. They function on quick change system which allows quick elimination of the center core.

Hand held & rig-mounted electric machines are highly potential & are of negligible weight. They are utilized to drill up to 5 inch holes in brick, limestone, cinder blocks & also other rough surfaces. These drilling machines are employed for the purpose of drilling very quickly. Besides, their efficiency is time-tested.

There are many types of hydraulic machines:

• Hand held hydraulic machines
• Rig-mounted hydraulic machines

These hydraulic equipments operate mechanically & they function with electronic implications. They are suitable for drilling operations. They are easy to operate & hence very much in demand for drilling functions. They bring gainful income and are durable, highly protective and very reliable.

The different types of Pneumatic machines are classified into two groups:

• Hand held pneumatic machines
• Rig-mounted pneumatic machines.

These are highly useful for drilling holes in walls, unruly bricks, ceilings, floors & all solid blocks. Diamond core drilling operations create smooth & accurate holes even through reinforced concrete, brickwork & stones. These equipments are used for different installations viz. applications for electrical systems water system, gas supply system, heating system, railway bridge construction & tunnel installation & such works.
Diamond being the hardest material can cut through all substances. Diamond wire cutting refers to the method of using wire saturated with diamond dust of varied sizes to cut through materials. This process is extensively employed as it saves time & money for a long period, saws that use wire saturated with diamond particles are used for cutting purpose. They are able to substitute other cutting tools in laboratories & factories. They are utilized for research, quality control & manufacturing.

The diamond wire technology has been instrumental in cutting nearly any material viz. single crystals, glass, silicon, metals, composites & coated or layered materials. You can expect high accuracy. Diamond does not stop with cutting/drilling/removing strong concrete metal & steel. But, it helps in installing concrete joint scale & fillers. Core drilling & wire cutting industries are developing to a great extent so much so that it goes without saying that diamond owes a lot for the success of the industry.

Internet provides you all the necessary information to locate the best core drilling & wire cutting services. There are many contractors & professionals who are endowed with skill & efficiency to complete the job in record time & well within the estimated budget.

Tom Cruise is an eminent analyst and writer in mineral exploration related topics. He has authored many books on diamond drilling guide for Diamond Core Drilling Machine and Core Drilling Machine.

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