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CompAir rolls out TurboScrew compressors

COMPAIR has launched a new, fuel-efficient range of three high-pressure portable compressors. The C230TS-17, C210TS-21 and C200TS-24 are the latest additions to CompAir’s TurboScrew C series.

Weighing less than 3.5t, the units can be towed easily and produce up to 24bar of pressure, which, according to CompAir, makes them “ideal for applications such as waterwell and geothermal drilling, where job completion is dependant on maintaining sufficient air pressures at depths of 100m and below”.

Harald Wenzel, product manager for CompAir portable compressors, said: “Fuel efficiency continues to be a key driver in our new product development. We aim to maximise performance at every stage of the design – incorporating features that achieve both efficiency improvements and cost benefits for the user, as well as meeting stringent emissions legislation.

“We have developed these new compressors to meet specific customer demands for a portable unit that can produce high-pressure air, while offering low operating costs and high reliability, as already proven on the lower pressure versions.”


CompAir’s TurboScrew compressors offer numerous features to help reduce maintenance and make significant fuel cost savings. The new units can deliver up to 30% better fuel efficiency with no loss in pressure, helping site managers to reduce the cost of the diesel used and the frequency of refuelling the unit.

Using CompAir’s patented bi-turbo technology, the TurboScrew compressors feature a lightweight and compact Cummins engine. This is engineered with two turbochargers powering a CompAir screw compressor unit, with the addition of an engine exhaust gas turbine to pre-compress the inlet air before it enters the compression chamber. This enables CompAir to convert 5% of what would normally be wasted exhaust energy to power.

The compressors run at 1,000rpm when idle in offload mode – equivalent to lowering fuel consumption by up to 58% when there is no requirement for air on site.


The TurboScrew design features electronic controls that are simple to use, helping to reduce operator error. These are grouped into three main display screens: the first identifies the machine; the second enables the user to set the required operating parameters (such as engine speed and pressure) via simple ‘up and down’ arrows; and the final screen enables users to identify and take steps to rectify compressor faults, helping to protect the life of the unit and avoid downtime.

All compressors in the range have wide opening doors that provide unrestricted access to internal components for quick and easy maintenance.

The system contains a series of engineer-accessed display screens, which allow technicians to limit operating pressure to help protect the unit from misuse.

Courtesy Geo Drilling

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