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Sandvik delivers first DE 710 rig in Europe

Exploration and Production Drilling  

GEOPS Balkan Drilling Services, the Serbian branch of Bulgarian exploration drilling contractor GEOPS, is putting the first Sandvik DE 710 drill rig in Europe into operation.

The company is completing an extensive exploration-drilling programme for gold, silver and copper reserves at Timok magmatic complex for Dundee Precious Metals, PJV Resources and Avala Resources near the Bor mine in Serbia.

After a two-week delay in delivery, the drill crews are completing a short training course, and the manager, Vasil Andreev, expects to boost the production of the project significantly with the drill rig. “By the end of October we expect the new rig to complete more then 3,500m of drilling,” he said.

Due to the complex geotechnical conditions (fractured carbonate rocks and sands), the upper sections of the boreholes are drilled PQ, HQ and NQ. Two sets of casings (P and H) are run to cover the troublesome zones and complete the wells.

GEOPS Balkan Drilling Services recently modernised its drill rig fleet to include the Sandvik DE-710, Atlas Copco Christensen CS 10 and CS 14 rigs, and a Hanjin 6000 SCDB rig. The firm has also developed its own light to medium-size drill rigs (the Geomin S-P 120 and Geomin S-P 340), which are popular in the Balkan region (including Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Greece).

Written by Shteryo Lyomov, associate professor in the department of Drilling, Oil and Gas Production, Mining and Geology at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Courtesy Geo Drilling

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