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In these times of financial uncertainty, look to the solution providers at BAUER to satisfy your needs. BAUER is the only manufacturer that continually reinvests in itself to offer you the latest in high pressure compressor technology. Why purchase a fancy new cabinet with old technology enclosed within, old is still old. When shopping for your next compressor ask your intended supplier to provide a copy of their service interval charts. Our ongoing product upgrades assure we are the only manufacturer in the industry today to offer such wide intervals; This assures you lower operating costs. Our new LEGACY Program takes this to the next level by combining one of our 13 or 18 cfm charge rate performance proven aircooled compressors into a simplistic cabinet. Automatic condensate drain and Securus Moisture Monitoring equipped BAUER Purification System round out these High-End packages at a consumer conscious price. Not only are we able to offer you the best high pressure breathing air compressor in the industry but the lowest service costs as well. Whether looking for a new compressor or a system upgrade, look to BAUER, your solution provider.

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