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Terra Sonic releases TSi 150 series


Terra Sonic International, which manufactures sonic drilling rigs, downhole tooling, and support equipment, has announced its acquisition of Sonic Sampling & Supply of Woodacre, California, US

Terra Sonic International, a leading manufacturer of sonic drilling rigs, downhole tooling, and support equipment, has introduced the TSi 150 series of sonic rigs.

The TSi 150 drills feature the TSi 150 Sonic Oscillator, which efficiently use 112kW (150hp) to generate 22,680kg (50,000lb) of oscillating force, enabling it to drill to a rated depth of 213m (700ft) with 152mm (6in) casing.

The TSi 150 series are large rigs featuring robust structures, and simplified hydraulics for reliability and low maintenance.

The new drills are available skid-mounted (TSi 150B), in crawler configurations (TSi 150C) or on truck carriers (TSi 150D).

The rigs offer a full rotational drilling capability and are available with many options, including short and long masts, custom support vehicles and complete TSi heavy-duty sonic drill tooling packages to suit a wide variety of applications.

Scott Alexander, president of Terra Sonic International, noted: “The Terra Sonic 150 is a large sonic workhorse that is ideally suited to many mining and geotechnical applications.”

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