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Smith Bits Introduces New Roller Cone Bits for Geothermal and High-Temperature Applications


Kaldera drill bits improve reliability in challenging downhole conditions

Smith Bits announced today the introduction of its Kaldera* advanced roller cone bits for geothermal and high-temperature drilling applications.  Advanced materials technology has been developed to provide an engineered sealing and lubrication system for the drilling of high-temperature (HT) wells.

“High-temperature downhole environments, particularly those occurring in geothermal wells, pose a unique set of challenges for the roller cone drill bit,” said Guy Arrington, president, Bits & Advanced Technologies, Schlumberger.  “A new range of advanced materials were developed, combined with an engineered design solution, to deliver improved bit performance in these applications.  The Kaldera bits substantially increase on-bottom hours, thereby reducing drilling costs in geothermal and HT wells.”

The seals are made from fabric reinforced fluoroelastomer composites providing thermal stability and wear resistance.  An innovative grease compound was developed from synthetic base oils and functional additives to increase load capacity at elevated temperatures to ensure adequate lubricity of the bearing sealing system.

Kaldera Delivers Record Breaking Performance
Field trials of the Kaldera bits demonstrated improvements in reliability over conventional roller cone drill bits.  In a recent geothermal well in Italy, where temperatures can exceed 277 degC [530 degF], bits with the new sealing system were successfully run.  A new field record was recorded, drilling 77 hours in a single run, marking a 37% increase of on-bottom drilling hours when compared to offset runs.  At the end of the run, all seals and bearings were graded as still effective.

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