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Liebherr rig in Swiss bank job
Liebherr rig

A Liebherr LB 28 drilling rig has been used for the construction of a new Raiffeisenbank building in Rorschach, Switzerland.

The LB 28, with DBA 200 double rotary head and stone protection, was chosen by Implenia Bau, working for Keller Bauunternehmung, for the construction of a 3,000m secant pile wall.

The project specified that the installation of the wall be completed within 10 weeks.

The secant pile wall was built using a double rotary drilling system.

Some 225 piles of 12-16m in length and 700mm diameter were drilled. The rig was also used in Kelly application for 26 foundation piles of 29-32m.

The DBA 200 head used has a torque of 200kNm at the drill casing and 100kNm at the auger.

Drill casing and auger are drilled out in one working cycle, with the borehole being concreted as the drilling equipment is pulled back. The pile reinforcement is then put into the concrete.

In comparison to Kelly drilling working cycles, this application method offers better drilling performance and helped to ensure the project was completed on schedule. 

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