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Doosan Infracore Seeks Co-growth with Korean Suppliers in China

Doosan Infracore

1. Y. S. Kim, President of Doosan Infracore, right, and Sang Soo Park, CEO of Dongyang Mechatronics, on a tour of a production plant.
2. Y. S. Kim, President of Doosan Infracore, fifth from left, and Sang Soo Park, CEO of Dongyang Mechatronics, sixth from left, pose for a commemorative photo with executives and staff from the two companies.

Top managers of Doosan Infracore visited the Korea-based suppliers operating around its Yantai Plant in Shandong Province, China, on November 3, and held a meeting with their representatives to review the achievements of the last decade.

During his visit to Dongyang Mechatronics and Dabo Precision, 10 years after their joint advance into China with Doosan in 2001, President Y. S. Kim of Doosan Infracore said, “Doosan Infracore has increased its sales tenfold in China over the past 10 years,” adding, “We owe this achievement to the suppliers that have accompanied us. We will maintain win-win partnerships with them and continue our co-growth in the coming years.”

Doosan Infracore has been expanding the scope of co-growth and collaboration with its suppliers. After Doosan Infracore built a second production plant in Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, China, Dongyang Mechatronics also opened a factory near the Doosan plant, while Dabo Precision is taking steps to jointly advance into Brazil.

During the visit, Doosan Infracore’s top managers received requests from suppliers for the continued operation of the Supplier Development (SD) initiative, which is aimed at boosting quality competitiveness and support for training their staff. Doosan promised to provide continuous support accordingly.

Judging that in order for Doosan Infracore to emerge as a global enterprise, suppliers should also arm themselves with a competitive edge in the global market, Doosan Infracore has been conducting activities designed to support the competiveness of its suppliers through the operation of a program aimed at sharing competitiveness and advancing jointly into foreign markets.

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