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Tranter Rock Drills - Percussive Rock Drills and Hard Rock Tools


OEM for SECO range of rock drills.


Our S140 shaft-sinking drill.


Hard-rock drilling, rubber collar, taper rods and button bits.

Tranter Rock Drills, new only in name, are the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the market-leading range of SECO rock drills. Tranter Rock Drills, a subsidiary of Tranter Holdings, has had its manufacturing operations in Roodepoort, South Africa, since 1940 (operating as Tranter since 2008).

Rock drill drifters

Tranter supplies the following rock frill drifters:
  • • S140 rear drive drifter powerful 140mm-diameter bore drifter rock drill for shaft-sinking
  • • S36RB powerful 114mm drifter with ratchet ring/rifle bar rotation mechanism for long-
      hole drilling underground mining operations.
  • • S36IR powerful 114mm drifter with independently controlled rotation mechanism
      for long-hole drilling underground mining operations.

Rock drill jackhammers and breakers

Tranter supplies a range of rock drill jackhammers and breakers, including:
  • • S25M2 reduced noise level (muffled), hard-hitting, powerful jackhammer designed.
       for use in any development-end drilling operation where the operator can adopt a
      standing posture.
  • • S215M2 reduced noise level (muffled), lightweight, powerful jackhammer for
       blasthole drilling in low-stoping height conditions.
  • • S21B tough, reliable jackhammer for drilling small blastholes downwards and
      block splitting in the dimensional stone industry.
  • • BB35 heavy-duty paving breaker capable of cutting tarmac and reinforced
       concrete on construction sites and breaking up boulders in mining and quarrying

Longhole drilling accessories and airlegs

Tranter provide longhole drilling accessories and airlegs, including:
  • • Longhole drilling accessories including screw feeds, hose sets and control
       levers, pneumatic centralisers, lubricators and rock drill mounting bar gears.
  • • Airlegs designed for use with the SECO range of rock drills but may be
       used with a drill of similar characteristics.

Drill rods and bits

Drill rods and bits manufacture the 11 taper rocket system for bits to fit the 22mm and 25mm hexagon drill rods. Bits utilise tungsten carbide tipped buttons. Rods are available with standard 159mm stem end rubber collar and are available in standard lengths between 0.9m and 4.2m long. We also provide rock drill maintenance and performance evaluation services.

International rock drill services

Tranter Rock Drills services both local and international clients. Locally, we have a dedicated team of representatives spread nationally.

We serve the Sub-Sahara African region, and other countries globally either directly, or via our distribution partners.

Our high-quality rock drills and accessories are designed to lower your business operational costs. We offer an exceptional team to service your business, and an after-sales support structure to suit your company.

Tranter's new rock drill muffling technology has been commercially available from Tranter since 2008, and complies with the 2013 noise regulations well in advance.

Contact Details:

Tranter Rock Drills
P. O. Box 8227
South Africa
Tel: +27 11 761 2200
Fax: +27 11 766 2891

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