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Sandvik Drillerís Office puts Drilling process improvement at your fingertips


At CONEXPO-CONAGG 2014, held in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 4Ė8, Sandvik Construction will unveil a groundbreaking practical software tool for surface drilling process management, Sandvik Drillerís office. The advanced tool is a friend to anyone who works with surface drilling management, in particular in quarrying applications, as it helps simplify the whole process, as well as managing it efficiently.

Sandvik Drillerís Office software is a surface drilling planning and data management tool. It covers drill plan design, drilling data management and reporting. Drillerís Office follows the logic of the job site and features clear and simple visualizations of the drilling pattern and terrain models in 3D, greatly helping the planning process.

Sandvik Drillerís Office has been designed with the user in mind. Introducing new kind of flexibility and adjustability, it is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tool: Sandvik Drillerís Office features a Drill Plan Wizard for quick creation of basic drilling plans, and a Drill Plan Editor for creating more advanced plans. In Drill Plan Editor, hole positions, floor level, inclination, direction and many more factors, can be adjusted independently as needed.

In addition, instead of utilizing a mere default bench shape and form as in standard planning tools, Drillerís Office allow those to be adjusted in order to correspond to the actual existing shapes and forms. A measurement tool and specific markers define the correct spot to start drilling. Thus separate measuring and marking is not needed at the site which saves time and money.

The drilling process is further enhanced with the data management features of the Drillerís Office. The tool collects drilling plans and drilling data to a single project file. All the information on realized drilling results is available as real time feedback to the planning process. Adjustments to the existing plans are designed to be simple.

As the result of efficient planning based on exact measuring and real time feedback, drilling accuracy and hole quality will be much improved. Thus blasting results will also be improved, translating into considerable savings in time and money, as well as improved job site safety.

Communications to and from the rig is handled over a mobile data connection.
Sandvik Drillerís Office also includes reporting tools: reports on drilled hole coordinates, drill plan and drilling are available. Sandvik Drillerís Office tool is available for all TIM3D-ready surface drills.

For further information, please contact:

Nina Lehtonen
Marketing Communications, Surface Drilling and Tunneling
Sandvik Construction
Mobile Phone: +358 (0)400 534344

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