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Soilmec celebrates the machine number 4000


The first and only company in the world to achieve this significant goal, Soilmec celebrated the event this morning (Monday, October 10th), at the square across from the new manufacturing facility, in the presence of the company’s entire personnel. At the end of the ceremony machine number 4000 – painted with a special livery – was readied for delivery to Denmark, where Trevi just started the works for Copenhagen’s new subway.

Number 4000 is the SR-100 model, a drilling rig for large-diameter piles and one of Soilmec’s top models, known to be the most complete model of its type in the world. Indeed, in addition to machines for large diameters, Soilmec designs and manufactures advanced technologies for diaphragm and tunnel excavation and machines for small diameter piles and foundation cranes.

“The construction of machine number 4000 – pointed out Simone Trevisani, managing director of Soilmec, during the ceremony – is not only a unrivalled result in the history of our industry, but it also bears witness to the great vitality of the ‘Soilmec Team”, which continues to set the standards in the sector of technology for large subsoil operations. Soilmec has always invested with trust in people and research, out of the conviction that the company’s present and future leadership is based on these two pillars. Thus, while we celebrate with great satisfaction the target of Rotary number 4000, which joins the 2400 machines for small drilling and the approximately 500 cranes built so far, we are already developing new, cutting edge technologies”.

This truly exceptional target is the result of constant commitment on the part of all Soilmec employees, especially over the last few years. It is thanks to this constant support that Soilmec has become the leading company globally in the foundation sector. One only need consider that since 1969, the year it was founded, thanks to its truly global network, Soilmec has produced and distributed its equipment in every corner of the world, reaching over 80 countries in each of the five continents.

From machine number 3000 to number 4000 only 4 years have passed. Those four years have been intense and full of challenges, which have seen Soilmec constantly committed to developing new products and services, with the continuous reinforcement of the Soilmec Team.

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