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HDD Mining and Waterwell Group - Drilling-Fluid Systems, Solids-Control Equipment and Engineering Services


From the M-I SWACO-operated bentonite mine in Greybull Wyoming to a worldwide network of distributors, we have in place a strategic and timely product availability system for all segments of the market.

Wherever you work, you can depend on M-I SWACO HDD Mining and Waterwell to keep your projects on target. As the industry-leading provider of drilling-fluid systems and additives, solids-control equipment, and engineering services, we have the know-how and resources to custom-design solutions that meet the unique requirements of your project, regardless of its location or complexity.

Drilling-fluid for mining applications
Our highly trained drilling-fluid specialists have worldwide experience in delivering 24hr, on-site engineering services that no competitor can match. As an operating group of M-I SWACO, HDD Mining and Waterwell provides drilling fluids, solids-control and drilling waste management equipment and services.

Whatever the hole problems are, whether it's poor core recovery, hole collapse, high torque or sticky clays, we have the product to address those issues backed by experienced field service engineers to ensure the products are applied correctly. Independent of the type of drilling – air, RC, conventional or coring we have the products to optimize hole stability, cleaning and drillstring conditioning.

From reactive shales to unconsolidated formations and fractured rock, the environmentally friendly products available from M-I SWACO are all designed to maximize hole stability and optimise core recovery.


Fluid technologies for high drilling efficiencies


M-I SWACO has the products necessary to maximize core recovery and the expertise to instruct customers on the proper use of these products.

HDD Mining and Waterwell provides a range of drilling fluid products for the unique requirements of the mining industry. Our line of bentonite and polymer products, combined with our application expertise, are engineered to ensure delivery of a stable borehole.

HDD Mining and Waterwell offers fluid and engineering solutions for the most technically demanding geological conditions mining can bring. Our emphasis on maximizing drilling efficiencies extends to delivering cores or cuttings that yield the optimum geological information you require. From exploratory drilling to core recovery, we have the solution for maximising borehole stability, hole cleaning and core recovery.

Solids-control and recycling equipment
Our solids-control and recycling equipment and services keep your project and bottom line under control
As a part of M-I SWACO, HDD Mining and Waterwell can provide a wide variety of linear and balanced elliptical motion shakers, mud cleaners, desanders, desilters, and centrifuges, each of which can be tailored to your requirements, from recycling to dewatering drilling fluids.

M-I SWACO HDD Mining and Waterwell specialists also provide, for sale or rent, unitized recycling systems capable of cleaning drilling fluids at a rate of 150GPM to 1,000GPM (568l/min to 3,785l/min). In addition, we manufacture shaker screens that are compatible with every brand of solids-control equipment in the industry.

HDD Mining and Waterwell Group
5950 North Course Drive
Houston, TX 77072
United States of America
Contact: Gary Matula
Tel: +1 832 295 2564
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